Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Workshop Inspiration

Today I attended a free workshop at Bodmin library. Part of a series of workshops entitled 'Words for Well-Being'; this morning course was facilitated by Moira Andrew and entitled 'Writing and Remembering'. This wonderful lady, author and poet inspired me with her practice of capturing everyday moments in her poems. She explained that where some people take photos, she instead writes a poem and this seems akin to my need to keep a journal. It was a real treat to spend a few hours writing, reading, listening and learning. I was encouraged to write out of my comfort zone and this in itself is important. Moira Andrew has a website: . If you are interested in the idea of using 'words for well-being' then also check out an organisation that concentrates on exploring literary arts in personal development. Something healing, inspirational and magic can happen when we put into words our feelings and experiences.

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  1. As the organiser of Words for Well-Being, I am so glad you found the workshop helpful. The other two workshops last week seem to have gone well too, and there are three more in June. Part of my job with Cornwall Libraries is to explore ways in which reading, writing, attending workshops or reading groups, and other library services can help promote health and well-being. To this end, I am hoping to produce a leaflet of some kind after the workshops, to spread the word to a wider audience that reading is good for your health. I know it is essential to mine! Moira tells me it OK to quote from your blog, but I wanted to check with you first whether (if we do) we should use your name, or blog site, or if it should be anonymous.
    Alison Gunderson, Outreach Officer, Cornwall Libraries


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