Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hidden story....

This is one view of my writing space looking tidy and serene. A fifteen pound tiny desk from the paper which I have a soft spot for. An old dining chair adorned with a chintz cushion from a car boot. If someone had told me ten years ago that I'd love floral chintz I would have suggested they didn't know me very well. Yet when I saw this tasselled cushion amongst someones unwanted tools and toys I knew it had found a home with me. On the desk is a giant shell for burning incense and a coaster that I painted myself on an evening with friends at a paint-your-own pottery shop (www.4u2paint.co.uk) . Even looking at the photo makes me homesick for that little writing space. However, this photo shows only half of the story..........................

Here (on the right) is some of the clutter and unappealing lack of organisation that I left out of the first photo. Doesn't look so serene now, does it? And this is actually more organised than the rabble I have inside my house. But when I'm at my desk and open up my laptop, I look at the greenery out of the window, listen to the stream and ignore the clutter elsewhere. Once I'm writing, I'm in a different world anyway.

So do I have a point to all this????? Well yes, a tenuous one. It made me think of the hidden story in every 'thing' and 'person' we encounter. We can learn of the reality and true story. But we can also look past the reality and look for the million fantastical possibilities.

How exciting: as writers we are like detectives searching for real and imagined truth. We discover and reveal a multitude of worlds and people that without us would never be known. How fab is that?

From my positive tone you can probably guess that I did have a successful writing day. I am a chapter further on and am now much closer to the end than the beginning of the book!!!! :D If anybody is out there reading this, I'd love to know how you feel about your writing.


  1. This is about the size of my desk (in my bedroom - I don't have a sanctuary writing hut... sniff...) but yours is much tidier! Nice to get to know your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Alis - we rent a terraced house that is on a main road, but at the back is a beautiful garden. When we looked round and I saw the summer house I was like 'that's mine, my writing house' I was so excited. It was a dream come true. Previously we'd been living in a very cramped home with no garden - so it has made my year moving here. Especially as it is the same rent as the previous place! We'd had a rough few years and this place has put a smile on all our faces; it has become special to us & has given us a new beginning after difficult times.

  3. What a gorgeous view to enjoy when you're writing. So true what you say about being in a different world - it's a strange sort of place, in between dream and reality. Sometimes I feel like a puppetmaster, but sometimes my characters rebel and just do what they want - people would think I was mad if I said all this out loud! ;) Love your blog.

  4. Lovely writing space - I'd probably spend all day staring out at the greenery, so have to face a wall instead!

    I look forward to getting to know my characters as I'm writing. I THINK I know them when I start, but they gradually reveal things about themselves that I had no idea existed. Which makes me sound mad...

  5. Yvonne & Karen - Just like you, I find my character's doing things I hadn't expected. It can really mess up my plans LOL. Some of my character's have become so real to me that I sometimes forget they're fiction.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Kat :-)

  6. Hello, I am very envious of your being by the sea - it looks so gorgeous. My fantasy is that when we move back to the UK we will live by the sea. Love the blog.

  7. I love your writing space and view. My 'desk' is a 1950's table that's not terribly big but I love writing at it.


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