Sunday, 29 June 2008

Invitation.....ordinary detail....

The photo today is one I took at my God daughter's Birthday party which was held in a beautiful setting. (Behind me games & cakes continued) The open gate seems to be like an invitation to 'come on in'. If we were invited into our character's lives what would we find? What personal yet mundane things would be discovered? Often ordinary details reveal a lot about the person. I've tried to think of some examples and made them into a type of 'Meme' set of questions. I've answered the following 6 questions as me. But the same questions could be directed at our fictional characters.

Q1: What is by your bedside/on your bedside table?

A1: By my bedside on the chest of drawers is: a jewellery box; glass of water; half drunk cup of camomile tea; three books (Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver, In Search of Adam by Caroline Smailes and The Pack by Tom Pow); a pen; notepad; set of mini drawers full of craft bits; book catalogue; bedside lamp (ceramic tree house lamp that have had since childhood).

Q2: Name ten things that are in your fridge:

A2: One pot of Humus (nearly empty); one pot of Moroccan flavour humus; salad stuff; cheddar; semi-skimmed milk; green pesto; strawberries; Muller yoghurts; mayonnaise; Total Greek yoghurt.

Q3: Name 5 things that are in your handbag/briefcase:

A3: Many receipts dating back to the dark ages; reading glasses; various vouchers that I'll forget to use; assortment pens; mini notebook. (There is lots, lots more in those dark scary depths)

Q4: Name three web addresses that will come up automatically on your search bar with only the first letter as a prompt:

A4: Amazon, blogger and eBay.

Q5: What's in that unassigned junk drawer where all the clutter gets put?

A5: Cables for goodness knows what; assortment of batteries; a coaster; spare Christmas tree light bulbs; sellotape; plug adaptor; various pens and pencils; used stamps waiting to be sent for charity Post Pals.................................could go on because it's amazing what can be housed in this Tardis like drawer.

Q6: Describe five of the pictures that hang on the walls of your home:

A6: Photo of a Springer Spaniel pup in a spring; Black and white old photo of 'Mousehole' in West Cornwall (near Penzance and where hubbie proposed); Forest scene painted by late step-grandmother; Photos of my children; Acrylic painting of boats in small cove (also by late step-gran).

Okay, so you get the idea. I tag everyone who reads this to either answer as themselves or one of their characters. But only if you want to :-)


  1. A lovely insight into the person behind the blog! I love the idea of writing it from a fictional character's point of view - will have to give it a try.

  2. Either side of that gate looks inviting.

    Brilliant meme. Will try it later too!

  3. What a lovely photo :o)

    My bedside table is similarly laden, but I'm ruthless with my handbag. Hardly anything in the little blighter.

  4. What a beautiful picture, it makes me want to wander through and see what's at the other side.

    Love the meme, I think it would be useful too.

  5. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving those lovely comments ;)

    Hope you all enjoyed the birthday party! Was my son's 2nd birthday 2 weeks ago. I love kids parties!

    Wonderful idea for interviewing characters to find out more about them I share the houmous passion btw!

  6. Yvonne - maybe reveals just how messy I am! LOL. I'd like to do a similar set of questions that would be appropriate for the characters in my children's novel.

    Pacha - in reality both sides of the gate are stunning. This friend's land is magical and seems to have a special energy. That picture has already inspired a story.

    Karen - Every so often I promise myself that I will regularly sort my handbag. But inevitably I let it pile up. I am just not disciplined enough. Could explain the shoulder strain!!!

    Debs - the reality is better than my photography.

    Shanta - thanks for visiting. Birthday party was great (and I don't usually say that about a kids party).

    Elizabeth - thanks :-)

  7. Juicy inklings into other characters...

  8. Ha yes, I can see why the pic has inspired a story. It's on my list of things to do :-)

  9. I am on your bedside table! I am on your bedside table.

    Sort of.

    Fabulous! :)



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