Sunday, 22 June 2008

What if? Danny Wallace style....

As a writer I love the 'what if?' writing prompt. (What if I was a super hero? What if the moon fell out of the sky? etc.....) In fact I've spent an entire life day dreaming and have considered many a 'what if?' scenario.

Jonathon Ross had writer Danny Wallace ( as a guest on his Friday night show. He has taken the 'what if?' principle to the funny extremes and made a successful career from it. He's written about trying to become a King, inadvertently started a cult and written about his adventures when trying to catch up with old school friends. If you are able to, watch him on Look in the 'last 7 days' - Friday 20th June.

Danny Wallace creates his own writing material just by putting a 'what if I did this?' into practical action. For instance he talks about how he considered 'what if I said yes to everything?' Whereas I would use this prompt for a piece of fiction; he actually tries the idea and writes about his experiences.

The possibilities for fiction & non-fiction are endless. It was interesting to see how someone else used 'what if?' As per usual I'm excited by the potential for creativity.

PS sorry if I'm not posting/commenting as much as usual - still having problems with my vision. Whinge & excuses over!


  1. Great post - you're spot on about the "what if" prompt. Most of my ideas come from it. I read Danny Wallace's Join Me and really enjoyed it.

  2. The what if principle can open so many doors for creativity. Even Dr Who (yes I know!!) dealt with that idea on Saturday..What if she turned right instead of left, how would that small decision have changed the world? Good idea for the Krazy Blues too Kat?

  3. I love the 'what if' scenario - it jump-started my novel! I watched that Dr Who episode as well, very clever :o)

  4. I always try to think 'what if' especially when I get a little stuck with my writing.


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