Thursday, 3 July 2008

Cute excuse........

Minty - my friend's new puppy........

I would have written far more today but I was doing a bit of puppy sitting. Isn't he adorable? You've got to admit he's a pretty good excuse for not working hard. Of course I will transform my puppy sitting experience into a literary masterpiece. Does that mean I can count it as 'research'? Can that few hours of cuddles, play and mopping up be considered part of my writing experience? The thing about having a good imagination is that I use it for bad stuff - like creating far fetched excuses for procrastination!! I promise to go and do some more editing just as soon as I've finished this post - paw on heart!

Ok - Tam tagged me to do this Meme. So you can write to Tam if you fall asleep reading this. Actually, it was the first time I've been personally tagged - thanks Tam - I'm chuffed.

What were you doing ten years ago?

Pre kids. Working as a sweetie rep for Trebor Bassett. Socialising lots more. Sleeping in on Sunday mornings. Amateur musical theatre. Cub scout leader. Part of Melton Mowbray writing club. Having piano lessons with a fascinating and intelligent lady from Brazil. Buying too many shoes. Keeping the local pubs in business!

Five things on my to do list for today

Well day's nearly over but it was:

1) finish doing my first edit of book (also known as making pretty colourful scribbles) - still to do!

2) Do my 100 words (seperate to edit) - still to do!

3) Learn how to use my new dishwasher that hubbie only plumbed in last night. (I am sooooo excited - no more washing-up or moaning about the mess on my sides)

4) Puppy sit.

5) Sort out boring pile of paperwork and finances. (this one is carried over daily)

What are three of your bad habits?

1) Talking too loud and too much (apparently)

2) Worrying

3) Bit grim - but - scratching my scalp when I'm nervous.

Other than this I am damn well perfect! Would I lie to you?

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Spend lots spoiling the ones I love. Write (and get published - hey I'll have plenty of bribe money). Buy a gorgeous old house with land, sea view and a library. Set up a literacy charity. Travel and learn about as many different cultures and places as I can. More charity - I'd hate to be rolling in it whilst other people aren't.

What are some snacks you enjoy?

Chocolate (I couldn't survive without it). Red Wine (is that a snack? - don't care it is to me). Chilli Heatwave Doritos (oh hell these are the bane of my waistline at the moment). Cashew nuts (unsalted). Oh and loads more but I'm already sounding like an unhealthy bloater!!!

What were the last five books you read?
Wolf Brother (Michelle Paver)

Spirit Walker (Michelle Paver)

The Dream Master (Theresa Breslin)

The Dream Master Nightmare (Theresa Breslin)

The Welsh Girl (Peter Ho Davies)

ALL great books!!

What five jobs have you had?

Natwest - branch customer services (hated it)

Events organiser for Go-Karting track (men in suits fulfilling their dream of F1 success).

Powergen - business customer services

Sales & Law Recruitment (finding jobs for clever people)

Trebor Bassett (part of Cadbury) - Area Sales Representative (busy eating boot full of freebies meant for customers)

Name five places I have lived

Melton Mowbray (pork pie land)

Vale of Belvoir (just up the road from Melton but sounds good)

York (great city)

Canada ( truth I haven't lived there. Haven't even visited. But I needed another to make five and it looks beautiful)

Cornwall (North and West - gorgeous, gorgeous place)

Okay YOU CAN WAKE UP NOW!!!! Stop snoring, it's making me sad! My life will be sooooo much more interesting when I'm a hugely successful author. Think JK Rowling and double the success & opportunities (is that possible?) Anyway.........when that time comes could someone be sure to tag me for a Meme so that I can show off. Thanks :-)


  1. I'd love to work as a sweetie rep, but I really think I would sit in my car and stuff my face all day long.


  2. Caroline - that's exactly what I did LOL

  3. I'd like to puppysite and work as sweet rep and stuff face with sweets all day (especially love love love liquoirice)...I sense many a story in all the things you mentionned as to what you were doing ten years ago... and sleeping in...*sigh* WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE.....

  4. Awh how cute is that puppy? No way could I get any work done with that cute face looking up at me. Sweetie rep - I would have loved that 10 years ago, but if I did it now I'd be as big as a house!

  5. I guess, given the opportunity, sweetie rep may be replaced by Blossom Hill rep nowadays(?)LOL
    If you got this distracted with the puppy how would you be if you got your dream Inuit puppy? Mind you...he is very cute!
    I could entertain being a rep for Galaxy, though i would need a truck to transport me never mind the chocolate!

  6. That puppy is officially GORGEOUS! How can you possibly get any work done??

    Your life 10 years ago sounded great fun (not saying it doesn't now, of course!) The thought of being a sweetie rep makes me want to give up writing...almost :o)

  7. I didn't doze off - the very idea. Actually, there is a woman at work whose voice during training course makes me fall asleep, guaranteed. Most embarrassing.
    Anyway, great meme, Kat. You're no longer a virgin :-)

  8. Pacha - if I'd known you then I'd have given you all the licquorice - it's one of the few things i don't like eating!

    Yvonne - funnily enough I weigh a lot more than I did when a sweetie rep. Blame it on the babies!

    Mickmouse - Blossom hill rep - now you're talking!!!!

    Karen - being a sweetie rep wasn't that fun - good perks though. But day to day it was just a sales job full of awkward customers who thought they were the Alan Sugar of the sweetie shop world!!

    Tam - I'm no longer a Meme virgin or a 'been tagged' virgin. I'm glad you didn't fall asleep. Don't forget to tag me again if I should ever get published!

    Two days I puppy sat and now his owner has him and I miss him. He is adorable!

  9. Firstly: Trebor Bassett, did you get to meet Bertie? I often dream of going out drinking with Bertie. I would be great, the attention, the free drinks, biting his limbs off when I discover the takeaways are closed. Fantastic.

    Secondly: Canada is well worth living in. I did it for a bit, but they wouldn't let me stay. The Rockies are great, Jasper in particular. I saw a bear attack a Coke machine. how cool is that.

  10. What an adorable puppy, I would be playing with him all day too.

    That wasn't boring at all. I could never be a sweet rep, I would eat all the samples and forget to sell them. You seem to have lived in some beautiful places too.

  11. Watching9987 - thanks for visiting. Bertie used to show up at work parties(obviously); the last time I saw him I'd had a bit too much........hell you don't think the munchies got the better of me???.....???

    Debs - I was glad I didn't work on the Cadbury side of the company - I would've never stopped gorging choccies. BUT, the fab thing was being employed by Cadbury meant that I got a pass to the Cadbury World staff discount shop! Now that was worth being a sweetie rep for. Oh and......we used to sell Butterkist - now that was blissful, all those samples...Mmm!

    Kat :-)

  12. Kat - can't believe I missed this blog post and re-tagged you, for some reason the meme Nik tagged me with didn't have the snack questions, sadly. A sweetie rep for Trebor Bassett? So cool. Melton Mowbray and Cornwall, sounds wonderful. It may not be Paris, but Cornwall is heavenly!


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