Thursday, 31 July 2008

Day 2 of Black Boxes Photo shoot......

I was in BIG trouble with my daughter yesterday because she hadn't been included in Caroline's photo competition. So, dodging the rain, I took some photos using her in them. She's happy now. Sorry Caroline - I promise that this is my last entry.


  1. Now, that hair! THAT HAIR!!! That is gorgeous hair. So, you are mother to a redhead too!!! How're coping?

    Brilliant shot!

  2. Thanks Pacha - for sure my red head is a firey Diva!!! Kat

  3. I do think this is the best photo to date! Feel free to keep them coming. I've loads to upload still but there is another month ...

    I LOVE your daughters hair! I showed the photo to Poppy and she said 'her hair is pretty' :)


  4. Hello and I'm sorry not to have been in touch but shall make amends.!

  5. Oh, lovely hair. I'm strawberry blonde naturally but it's heavily disguised with highlights.

  6. Hi Kat

    I've been finding my way around blogland and came across your blog. I am a fiction writer too (unpublished, as yet!)and have not been blogging for too long. Love your blog and the great photos:-)

    So just to say Hi from me!

  7. Caroline - thanks for putting up with my entry attempts. Don't tempt me to enter may regret it LOL

    Jan - hi there. It's difficult to keep up with reading and commenting on blogs, so don't worry.

    Tam - I thought you were a blonde (without the strawberry)

    Annie - hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I shall pop by your place soon.

    Everyone - thanks for the compliments about Js hair. Both hubbie and I have dark hair but both family trees have redheads in. The photos don't do the colour justice. We get strangers in the street coming up to comment on her hair!

    Kat :-)

  8. Lovely to be introduced to your blog especially when reading profile i see you live in cornwall too, us very new only 2 years on Wednesday, thought the summers would be a tad drier! Will read more of your blog when i have finished cooking sunday dinner.

  9. They're lovely pictures - really clever. Funny how children can't bear to be outdone at that age isn't it? Or any age, come to that...

  10. I was born a blonde and don't I know it! These days I have a little help from my hairdresser, except that I decided to do it at home this time (for a change - ie: I'm skint) and I have to say it doesn't look much like the colour on the box.
    There will no doubt be more on this subject over on t'blog when I'm feeling braver...

  11. J's hair looks especially fab in these photos.
    All good photos and I was also pleased to meet the D's parrot today, forgot my autograph book, as should he win the signature may be worth millions in years to come.

  12. Love the photos, beautiful hair too. My mother's a redhead and always very glamorous.


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