Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Holidays and Wordless Recreation.

NO I haven't disappeared from Blogland!

The kids and I are stopping with my mum up-country and have embarked on a heavy visiting schedule - taking in family and friends that we don't see as often as we'd like because of the distance involved. Hubbie is left at home, working and enjoying peace and quiet.

Ahhhh! The school summer holidays - they sure do eat up my delicious writing time and leave me with childcare indigestion!! Yet, it's also good to spend time with my babies.

Meanwhile, my time and access to a computer is limited. Therefore, please forgive me for not keeping up with your wonderful blogs.

Although behind with my writing yesterday I read about a concept that Dorothea Brande discusses in her classic book 'Becoming a Writer'. It is the idea that 'wordless recreation' can be beneficial for a writer. By starving yourself of reading, talking, writing (and any activity that involves words) on returning to your writing you will be eager and inspired. Personally, I see it as a time for the unconscious mind to mull over ideas and concepts. It would give the wordy 'chatty' side of my mind a rest. I've never consciously carved out 'wordless' time but often desperately crave reflection/meditative time alone. I can see how it may benefit my writing. I intend to start incorporating 'wordless recreation' into my schedule (or at least will do when the kids are back at school).

Oh and......a note for Nik's Disco Kettle - my mum's kettle has a very curvaceous figure and seductive 'ding'. Could there be a potential romance for DK?


  1. Thanks for sharing the concept, it's really interesting...I've stopped reading as much as I used to when I write. It's also one of the reasons I gave up my job as a training writer and retrained as a legal secretary - otherwise I would be drained of words afterwards! I'm not working at the moment and I only spend 3-4 hours writing during the day, the rest I spend just 'wordless'. All the above never made good sense until now - so thank you again for writing about it.

  2. I like Dorothea Brande's idea. I may give that a go. Thanks for sharing it. Enjoy your time with friends and family. :-)

  3. Oh my! Are you pimping out your mum's kettle?

    Have a fun break. Today I have no children in my house and it is oh soooooo quiet!


  4. Interesting stuff. I suppose my wordless time is when I run, the further I go, the less I think...

  5. Don't listen to Caroline, pimp away dear girl. DK is due a holiday, perhaps a romantic weekend at Currys?

    But I think you're right, I usually have to take a day or two off every couple of weeks to remind myself how much I miss writing when I can't do it.

    Enjoy your hols.

  6. I think we're all struggling for writing time at the moment! I totally agree with DB's concept though :o)

    Have a lovely break.

  7. I absolutely agree with the notion re peace-quiet-wallowing leads to more energetic writing...
    The problem is, of course, GETTING that peace and qiuet in the 1st place!!
    Enjoy this summer coz before you know it your kids have vanished ( but happy times NOW lead to them coming back again with theor own lives and kids and thoughts AND that's lovely!)
    I'm rambling...


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