Wednesday, 3 September 2008

BACK HOME! And all change....

I'm back home! The map above shows the regions we've been visiting. Not sure if it's readable but hey it looks colourful.

Kids are back at school tomorrow so have just been doing the mad hunt for their PE bags, showers, nit comb, ironing etc.. My baby is starting full-time school - bless - so both my children will be out from 9am until 3.15pm.

So what will I do with my time?

1. I have a new and exciting job, working a few hours a week, mainly from home. It involves me creating, editing and managing multiple blogs for a local creative writing initiative that will involve all school aged children in the immediate area. (One community college, 11 primary & home school) The aim is to promote reading, writing and creativity in a fun way. The blogs will showcase submitted work and offer a chance to read and share ideas. More info to come but here's a sneak preview of an option for the logo (note the link is not yet active)

2. After editing and editing I've decided I now hate the children's book I've written. I can't bare to look at it. I feel it has let me down. Changed from the book it promised to be. I feel cheated. I realise that those of you who advised me to put the book away for a while before beginning edits were right!!!! So now feeling as I do, I'm putting away the evil manuscript for a while. As of tomorrow I start transforming some scribbled notes into a plot outline for a new book I want to write - a fantasy adventure aimed at the 12+ age band. I'm soooooooooooo excited.

And over the next few days I plan to catch up with all of your blogs.

So new school term, new job, new book - all change.


  1. Welcome back! The new job sounds brilliant, must be great to be involved in something so important. Good luck with the new book!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the travelling holiday, Kat. I second Yvonne, the new job sounds fantastic. I'm so sorry you've lost the love for your finished book but good luck with the new one.
    I'm sure you'll return to the first one in the future and find you don't hate it as much as you thought.

  3. Welcome back, Kat. All that free time, ahem, you'll have! The job sounds great and lovely that you can work from home.

    Sorry to hear that you've become disillusioned with your manuscript. I'm sure you'll look at it in a completely different light when you come back to it later.

  4. Welcome back!

    Good luck with everything :)


  5. Welcome back. I love the sound of your job.

    Don't worry too much about your book, just put it away for a while, like you said and give yourself a break from it.

    Good luck with the new one.

  6. Welcome back Kat!
    Ohhh, your job sounds fab and your new novel too. Lots of good luck with all your new everythings!
    p.s. Pat's right you may come back to your old book in the future. And with fresh eyes, you may even like it again.

  7. Welcome home, it sounds like a great and welcome new situation you find yourself in. The new job sounds wonderful, there can't be anything more worthwhile than encouraging children to be creative (except maybe world peace or some nonsense like that...)!

  8. Nice to see you back. The new job sounds really great. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  9. Welcome home, new job sounds great and it's always exciting starting a new project.

    Good luck, enjoy, and you never know - once you're a bit more detached you might fall back in love with your finished ms :)

  10. Hey hey - welcome back!

    DO NOT delete the first children's MS - make sure you put it somewhere safe and leave it alone. In a while (a few months at least) you'll come back to it and will see wht needs to be changed (if anything) to make it fabulous to you again :-)

  11. I love that new start feeling of a new term. Except that my little darlings have left school now :o(

    The job sounds fascinating, even if your children's book doesn't! (It will after you've ignored it for a while.)

  12. you've got a job blogging? Not fair!!! :)

  13. I'll take two jobs from home please.

  14. Yvonne: thanks, I'm excited too.
    Pat: I'm hoping you're right & that I'll like it more after a break.
    Maddie: I hope that when I look at the MS again it will be in a 'flattering' light!
    Caroline: Hi :-)
    Debs: Thanks. I'm excited about this job.
    Annie - I'm enjoying new job already. Hope fresh eyes will work.
    Tania - encouraging creativity is something I find rewarding for sure.
    jj - hi , I look forward to sharing more about the new job soon.
    Nik - new projects give you that feel good enthusiasm which is fab.
    Tam - thank you for the support and advice.
    Karen - I am trying to ignore the children's book. It does still keep trying to talk to me from inside my drawer though!! Strange!
    Jon - I know, bit of a gem finding a job blogging :-)
    ookami - welcome, thanks for visiting :-)


  15. I came here from my Black Boxes widget :) Hi! x

  16. Another black box widget victim!

    :-) lovely blog, my littlest starts 'big school' tomorrow; considering all the others have long since left school I'm awfully nervous again.

    Madness this motherhood business eh?

    41yr old
    DK ~doffs cap~

  17. Good blog - I came to you via Caroline's widget and am pleased I did! Really like the sound of the blog for schools etc.

  18. Good luck with the blog and everything.
    It sounds as if life is going very well.
    Great stuff!!

  19. I have been widgeted this way too!
    I have just been on a travelling holiday too, although mine was two days walking all over London. Relaxing yet tiring at the same time!
    Congrats on the new job.
    K x

  20. Hi another widgeter I am afraid.

    I am jealous you got as far as editing your script my book for 10 yr olds has got as far as 2.5 chapters and no more.

  21. Wahooooo, A blog I beet Trixie to!
    I got here via a little black box

  22. Hi all you widget travellers - thanks for visiting. That widget sure is fab - thanks Caroline. Kat :-)


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