Friday, 28 November 2008

"BRrrrrrrrrrrr - Cold writing"

The last few weeks have been challenging but this week I've been able to breathe a sigh of relief and even try to get some of my own writing done! So I decided to pay a visit to my recently abandoned writing hut and..............WOW it was COLD!!!!

I needed the following to get settled and writing:

Furry Slipper Boots
Pair of wellie shoes
(for crossing the mud)
Two oversized jumpers
One warm thermal top
A stripy wool hat
Large mug of hot tea
Packet of Ginger-nuts
Laptop, journal, glasses
A fab fan heater
And a table lamp
Super comfy chair
Last but not least, my -

The good news is that once the fab fan heater got going and my fingers defrosted, I did get some writing done.

So I'm back in the land of the semi-awake. I've managed to do a little bit of writing. The Bodmin Bookworm is going well with students from Robartes, Berrycoombe, St Petrocs and St Tudy having sent some fab writing on History, Myths and Legends to read. (Click on the links if you want to have a read and/or leave comments) I have no more hospital appointments until after Christmas (hope I haven't tempted fate here). So now I intend to begin catching up with your blogs.

Oh and I guess I really should start preparing for Christmas.............

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.....................



  1. Yes Christmas, it kind of creeps up on you dosen't it?

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. I won't pry as to what is wrong but our son has to have lumber punctures as well. Nasty.

    I read somwhere that it isn't good to be too warm when you need to concentrate as it makes you dosey. So maybe being cold while you write will prove fruitfull.

  2. OHHH. How I'd love to be sitting with warm slippers on, a big cup of hot tea and a packet of ginger nuts... oh HOW...

    PS Don't hate me for wanting to swap. I know it's a fantasty.

    Very glad to hear you got some writing done.

  3. Welcome back!
    Glad you managed to get some writing done. Our old, stone farmhouse never feels really warm so, even though I'm in the house, I dress like you do to sit and write.

  4. Welcome back! And that's good about getting some writing done!

    Can't believe it's nearly Christmas!

  5. How DARE you mention the 'C' word? Actually it's not long now, is it?

    Glad you've managed to bundle up and get on with some writing in spite of everything :o)

  6. You had to remind me of the impending holiday?? So need to get on that shopping thing...

  7. Hello there, welcome back. My shed is cold too, and takes a little warming up with the trusty fanheater.

  8. Good to hear you are feeling OK. Enjoy your writing and let Christmas creep up sloewly and then PouNCe!

  9. Sounds like you've got everything you need there, KatW.
    Is it nearly Christmas then??

  10. There's an award for you over at mine. I'm going to try and warm up now too.

  11. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  12. I enjoyed this post. Thank you!!!

  13. A belated thank you to you all for the comments. Unfortunately I did that 'talk to soon' thing! More on my brief new post!
    Kat :-)


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