Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The "Don't Speak Too Soon" Moral!!!

First of all - a Happy New Year 2009 to you all! Hope you had a fab Holiday season and that this year proves to be your best yet!

Secondly - you'd think I'd learn to keep my gob shut! (I hear my friends and family chuckle at this mad idea).

Not many days after I finished writing my last post and had finished beaming at how well my writing was going and how good my health was.....................

Yep you guessed it! I ended up having a horrible and scary MS relapse. Over the last few weeks I've been unable to read or write more than a couple of words as well as a few other very unpleasant symptoms.

BUT I am on the mend and the good news is that, (after admittedly being a gibbering scaredy Kat), I'm feeling positive and determined to make the most of the good times. I am impatient to get writing and reading again; I've missed both very much.

Today I've done a lot (aka too much) of Bookworm work and so need to get off the computer and have a rest. But soon I'm hoping to write a post free of boring explanations and catch up with you all. But I won't speak too soon. In fact this year I'm trying to chill and not plan too much.

I just wanted to say that I still love blogging and have missed you all very muchly! And thanks to all who left comments on my last post - it was great to come back to comments. And Debs - thank you very very much for giving me an award - it gave me a big smile when Michelle told me I had that to look forward to when I finally got back blogging. I shall collect it as soon as I can! :-)

Sending out BIG 2009 Hugs



  1. You poor thing ((hugs))

    Good to know you're feeling much better now, and here's to a happy and healthy 2009!

  2. Welcome back. Sorry you've had such a hard time, fingers crossed that changes. It seems 2009 needs to be a better year for so many of us. Here's hoping it's everything we want it to be.

  3. Keep well ( very) and have the happiest of New Years!

  4. Welcome back!

    Here's to a happy and healthy 2009 for us all! Sorry to hear you've not been well. One of my work mates has MS and I see what she has to deal with. Glad to hear your okay now though!

  5. It's good to he you back, all the best for 2009

  6. Glad to have you back! Hope things are improving and 2009 is the best for you!

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  8. Thank you for all the kind comments. Kat x


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