Monday, 12 January 2009

Overdosing on TV drama & characters

Brothers & Sisters cast: courtesy of The Radio Times /copyright ABC

So I'm busy - that is busy watching TV!!!!!!

All a result of the very testing need to rest & inability to read for more than ten minutes. Thanks to the marvellous invention of SKY+ I am managing to watch tons of TV dramas and films during my testing-resting time.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for TV dramas both US and UK and watch an eclectic mix.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been watching re-runs of 'Brothers and Sisters' and am now eagerly watching Season 3.

Why do I like this series? 'Brothers and Sisters' revolves around the simple, but potentially fruitful, focus of a large family called the Walkers. It is the individual characters and their relationships that seem to draw the viewer in.

I love escaping into other worlds, creating heroes and special powers. However, a huge part of what really makes a story I think is the strength of the characters and their relationships. Once we care about a character and their journey, we are hooked.

A good writer (script or novel) reflects what it is to be human: the raw emotions and the battles we face on our individual journeys. As much as an individual & their journey is unique it is equally full of common experiences. We all hurt, lust, love & rage. We all struggle in relationships and have moments of ecstatic joy and bottomless despair.

Part of our job as writers may be to help the reader feel less alone in their own individual experience. Fictional characters can be companions & mentors. As a reader and as a writer we also get a chance to live our lives in someone else's shoes - widening our perspective & experiences. Fictional characters also take us on fantastical journeys providing escapism & entertainment.

All that from 'Brothers and Sisters'?????

Well......okay maybe I am trying to justify my testing-resting TV time! :-)


  1. I got hooked like this on 'The West Wing' when that was on. I have them on DVD in case I ever need a fix! Can't say I've found Brothers and Sisters but sounds good.

  2. Great post! I couldn't get into Brothers and Sisters for some reason, but I'm hooked on plenty of other dramas and do find myself analysing them from a 'writerly' point of view...that's my excuse anyway!

    Hope you're feeling better now :o)

  3. delightful writing hut... looks peaceful and writerly :P great blog too -- enjoying the look around.

  4. Claire - Similarly I've never seen the West Wing. But I think from what I've seen of the adverts/publicity I'd have liked it. I think you can get hooked on any drama where you start to care about the characters and their fate.
    Karen - thanks! I'm starting to get better, all a bit slow.
    Alex - welcome - glad you popped by. I shall visit your blog soon!

    Kat :-)

  5. and if you've any brand new authors to add to my book bag, please let me know. i'm always on the look-out: and fellow blog-writers are asking for my newly updated list. can't disappoint them, now, can i? :P


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