Friday, 27 February 2009

Time flying by....

I woke up this morning old!
I looked in the mirror and I had definitely aged.

When did it happen?
I'm not sure, one day I was young and now I'm not so young. I guess time just crept up on me. And it seems it's true that time goes faster as you get older.

Maybe it's because my Birthday is only a week and half away.

So what about the writing - well so far I've written over 28,000 words of this YA novel. I also had a good writing group meeting yesterday where we wrote Haiku; were inspired by different music selections & created a nonsense word and meaning. It's great fun to exercise our writing muscles in different ways.

And reading - well I have to recommend: "The Giver" by Lois Lowry - a truly excellent thought provoking read that will stay with you long after you've read it. And "A Certain Slant of Light" by Laura Whitcomb - a ghostly romance with a difference - after 130 years of not being seen Helen is seen by a young man in her host's English class - very clever.

If you want to read more about these books or would like to discover new books check out Shelfari - - a social networking site for people who love books. You don't have to join though to enjoy the site. If you search for a book you really loved it will bring up further recommendations by people who like the same books as you. Give it a try.

Okay - enough random ramblings - I'm off to eat vegetable soup (I'm trying to be healthy) (trying)!


  1. I'm sure you're not old!!
    And well done on writing 28,000 words - that's brilliant

  2. It was probably a bad day when you just think you look old, but don't actually look old.

    Those books sound great, I shall look out for them.

    Well done with the writing, that's brilliant.

  3. I blame the lighting - how can I be expected to look like a Hollywood A-lister without proper lighting, dahling?

    Kepp going with the writing, you're getting there :-)

  4. Pink lightbulbs are the answer my dear :o) (Not that you need them, I'm sure!)

    Well done on 28,000 words, that's fab.

  5. Get those five a day! Says she who has a chunky kitkat for lunch.

    28,000 words, well done.

    I've spent my life looking older than I am. When I was 14 everyone thought I was 17, cool then, not so much now. I think I'll get loads of those pink light bulbs!

  6. Well done on all those words!

    Hope you enjoyed the soup.

  7. Amanda - well that's the thing, i'm only 32, so not old - it's just that I'm LOOKING way too old for those years. Suddenly! LOL

    Debs - those books are good, give them a go when you get chance. Frame of mind does play a part in perception - I hope you're right!

    Tam - damn it - I knew those lightbulbs I bought the other day were cheap rubbish :-)

    Karen - pink lightbulbs...I will buy shed loads immediately. Thanks for the tip!

    Claire - I am on a health drive at the moment and probably getting more like 10 a day. Aha! But that must be it - too much healthy stuff and not enough wine and choccies! Glad you helped me reach that great conclusion. Thanks :-)

    Pat - I think if I see another bowl of healthy veg soup.....I'm trying the chocolate diet next.

    Kat :-)

  8. You can't be older than me! Especially if you're eating all that veggie soup! :)

  9. YOU are NOT old!
    And I know from my own experience that you can feel like that one day and then ( GREAT!) there's suddenly an invigorating process going on and you really do feel GREAT again!

  10. just finished read A Certain Slant of Light last month! It's sat on my bookshelf for over a year (I loved the title & the cover, so I got it) and I finally decided it was time to read. what a joy!


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