Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Writing frenzy & fiction addiction........

This past week I've been writing, writing, writing...............and it has felt soooooooo good to be able to write regularly again.

Every bit of my spare (after kids) energy has been spent on glorious words.

I'm tired but happy.

I'm missing my characters every moment I'm apart from them.

I lose hours whilst typing away.

And - although not always a good idea when working on a novel- I've been reading lots as well.

Which has made my spirits soar (and my cliches worse apparently!)

I'd missed writing and reading soooooooooooooooo much.

Being able to indulge in both - well - I've been ecstatic!

And because I haven't done so for ages I've posted a beach photo - from a gorgeous day in Early January.

Now I'm off to go feed my fiction addiction............................


  1. You sounds so enthusiasic! I wish I had some of your enthusiasm!

    Keep it up!

  2. Fabulous. Love the joy of it.

  3. One thing I often find very depressing is how quickly I get out of the habit of reading every night. It really does change the way you look at the world

  4. Sounds really postive, and that's a great photo :o) Especially as it's raining here at the moment!

  5. It's such a joy when you get the passion back. So glad you're back in the swing. Enjoy, enjoy.

  6. beautiful photo -- beautiful energy. best of luck w/ your writing endeavors! happy early moments of spring :P

  7. As a fellow writer, I completely understand your enthusiasm to simply be writing (and how it can at times feel like an idulgence, it's so fun).

    I'm also passionate about reading (go figure), and I started the numberonenovels.blogspot.com site to interview newly published, first-time authors to remind myself of my goal and to be inspired by others' successes. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  8. Here's to your frenzy and addiction lasting a looooooooong time!


  9. I love it when I feel like that about my characters and writing.

    Love the pic, it's gorgeous.

  10. Yay for writing frenzies...hope you're still on that roll! :-)

  11. That's agreat post!
    It's inspiring just reading about it.


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