Sunday, 26 April 2009

Twitter & novel writing updates....

I've decided to give Twitter a go. I often don't have the energy to write a full blog post however, Twittering only requires a few words. I'm also looking at the possible uses of Twitter for the Bodmin Bookworm creative writing project that I manage.

YA novel writing update.....
I've been struggling health wise but have been trying to write even just a couple of hundred words a day so that I can keep focused and in a routine.

Bodmin Bookworm work......
I've just sent a case study to hopefully be included on the Everybody Writes website. It will be exciting to see the project on this innovative national writing site. I'll post an update on this when I hear back from the manager of the site.
I've also been working hard on ideas for improving and expanding the project. Hopefully one day the Bookworm may be available to all school aged children in Cornwall.

Keeping up with other people's blogs.....
Having had very limited energy and my paid work on the internet already taking my spare energy......I've sadly not been a very good blogger - I will try to visit and comment more often. I know I'm always full of excuses!!!

Do you Twitter? If you do please leave me a comment with your link; that way I can follow you on Twitter.


  1. I'm a twitterer (I don't think that is the right term!). My twitter name is HelenRedfern

  2. You remain an inspiration mate. Your blogging may be patchy (so is mine by the way) but your friendship is anything but!

  3. I twitter, though sporadically :)

  4. I'm not a Twitterer and had better not get involved as I find Blogging fun but time dissssappppers once I start...
    But I think as in everything, it's Quality not Quantity ( well, that's my excuse!! )

  5. Don't twitter, yet. Blogging is way to addictive already without doing something else as well.

    I don't blog as much as I should either.

  6. I'm a twit, but not a Twitter! I daren't try it for fear of getting hooked :o)

  7. I am getting left behind with the whole twitter thing. First there was blogging, then myspace, then facebook. Can there be any room for any more??!

  8. Helen - we have connected in Twitterville. Fab!

    Michelle - thank you, you're a great friend!

    notenoughtwords - I shall have to try & find your sporadic twittering :-)

    Jan - I think you'd like twitter. It takes little time or energy & its good to read what people have been up to.

    Claire - twitter would be great for a busy mum like you - go on give it a go! I fear it may be addictive but it does take very little of your time. Unless of course your follow lots of people & reply to everyone. I tend to mostly just read & leave tweets.

    Karen - oh not you too. Be daring! I don't want to be the only twitterer. Oh hell I may be getting addicted already - I seem to be trying to convert everyone!

    Shanta - it's true that there may be too many of these things. I can't cope with facebook though - so far twitter seems easy enough & a better option. But then again I've only been twittering for a couple of days!

    Kat :-)

  9. I'm on twitter as Mandymand - I'll try to connect with you :-))

  10. Amanda - great - I think we're both now following each other. Look forward to reading your tweets! Kat :-)


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