Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Short Stories & Spring Flowers

Photo above: some of the hundreds of bluebells spread throughout my garden.

Especially at the moment, it's a real pleasure writing in my hut at the bottom of the garden. The sun is warming the small space and keeping my mood afloat. It takes me forever to cross the small lawn (mobility has been poor) but that's okay because I have to pass masses of spring flowers including the above bluebells. Just before my writing hut is a huge Jasmine bush that has a sweet intoxicating fragrance. Once in my hut the running stream provides a constant melody. I am loving the people who planted this garden and saw fit to construct a summer house.

This past week I have managed to write two short stories and two more chapters of my YA novel. Having recently focused on novel writing I haven't written short stories for a while. I came across a useful site 'The Short Story Website'. Its contents contain advice on writing and reading the short story, competitions, events and projects.

I've just finished reading 'Sepulchre' by Kate Mosse. Not an easy read but certainly worth the effort. The story, characters and descriptions are skillfully written. An engaging read. It has been my companion for more days than a book would normally need to be and so now I've finished I feel a little bereft.


  1. Lovely description of your writing place, Kat. I am a little green around the gills.

    I've got Sepulchre but haven't read it yet. I may start it on your recommendation.

  2. Beautiful pics. We've had crappy weather here lately. It's taking forever for spring to get here.

    Lynnette Labelle

  3. Tam - writing hut a little colder today, where has Spring gone? I knew I shouldn't have blogged about sun! Hope you enjoy Sepulchre - if you can tear yourself away from Scooby Do (just read your tweet :-))

    Lynnette - glad you could pop by my blog. I think your weather has made its way here today :-( I shall go & check out your blog.

    Kat :-)

  4. I love it when a book gets you like that. I haven't come across that one, but I'll put it on the list.

    You garden sounds wonderful, and a stream as well, wow!

  5. Your garden sounds blissful. (Is that a word?)

    Thanks for the link, I'll have a look.

  6. What a fantastic place to sit and write, Kat. I love bluebells. Mine haven't come up this year *sigh*.

  7. I read Labyrinth and thoroughly enjoyed it too.

  8. It's a good sign, I suppose, if you feel bereft at the " passing" of a book...a kind of "delicious" grief!!

  9. Claire - I liked it even though a little taxing on my brain. The stream is at back of garden, just behind our back fence. It sounds pretty.

    Debs - I think blissful is a word, or if its not it should be. Hope the link is useful :-)

    Pat - no bluebells - that is sad. Yep it's a nice place to write. As we rent it it is especially lucky that there was a summer house built and waiting.

    JJ - she's a very clever writer, weaving so many detailed threads.

    Jan - I guess so. A good book leaves you satisfied & wanting more all at the same time.

    Kat :-)

  10. I too am green about the wonder of your writing space and your garden...and I live next door!! Maybe it is because although i have some spring flowers and the same stream, my garden resembles the Somme...including hostile poultry forces in the pen!

  11. I would so love to have a writing hut to call my own, and I'm wondering if the reality is as good as the fantasy? Does it get cold, damp and lonely.

    I'm reading Labyrinth and love Kate Moss' style and pace. Intelligent and engaging.

  12. this has nothing to do w/ anything, but i'm a bit jealous of your jasmine. hubby bought me a plant, but the cats pissed it to death. *growl*

    enjoy the beautiful weather ;)

  13. Michelle - hostile poultry do have a habit of spoiling a relaxing atmosphere.

    Kate - I love my writing hut and would highly recommend (mine came free with rental house so I was very very lucky). But it does have many cobwebs and spiders & a few damp patches. I am never lonely because I have all my characters to keep me company. And heat is solved by a very effective fan heater (so only have to bare bitter cold for short time after arrival)and when the sun is out the whole hut is toasty. Hope that helps.

    Alex - sorry about your murdered plant.

    Kat :-)

  14. Dear Kat,

    first time I visit your blog. Wonderful. My english is´nt good. Pardon me. I can´t translate all, but I understand much.

    Your writing place is so romantic, I think it will give you the thrill for ideas and vision.

    Greatings from seaside


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