Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Editing the Seven Seas

This week I will begin editing the first draft of my YA novel.
What's with the photo?
What is its relevance?
Mmm, well.....how about:
"Setting sail on the next stage of this novel writing journey".
I know!
But I was a little stuck for images. I had to make this one fit somehow. Sort of.
This photo was taken on a showery day in Lerryn, Cornwall. A couple of weeks ago we went on a boat trip from Fowey to Lerryn and back to celebrate my goddaughter's Birthday. Despite the rain showers it was a fun trip for all.
So here's the thing: I'm actually quite nervous about beginning the edits.
Because when I edited the children's book I wrote last year it all went horribly wrong. I edited out every last scrap of joy.
I learnt a lot in the process of writing and editing that first book.
And I am excited about this YA novel. I'm really pleased with it and in many ways am looking forward to polishing it so that it can truly shine. (Yet another cliche inspired sentence. Note to self: must ensure novel is free of them)
Yet, I've still got butterflies in my stomach. (Surely that's an original description of nerves. No? Been used before? Damn!)
Maybe I'm so nervous because this novel is worth getting right.
Or I'm just chicken.
Please share your editing wisdom.
Ease my anguish - throw me a life raft! (Okay that's the last nauseating pun)
And wish me luck.
Well time to depart on this next journey.
Anchors away!
(Sorry I just couldn't help but put in a departing dose of cheese. I promise that my novel will be free of such things.) (Hopefully)


  1. Love the photo, it looks like a peaceful place. You trip sounds good too.

    I know what you mean about editing, and think that I may have edited the life out of my ms too. Sigh. It's not easy, is it?

    Best of luck with your editing though.

  2. I like the photo, too!

    I don't know why but I LOVE the editing phase. It's the initial getting the words down on paper that's sometimes torture. LOL

  3. Lovely photo, must go there one day.

    Some writers don't edit at all, so they say. I just read with a pen in my hand, crossing out and re-writing as I go.

    See you Tuesday!

  4. Debs - thanks for the luck. Yes Lerryn is beautiful & peaceful (except when a boat load of children turn up of course)

    Jennifer - I love creating the story but I guess I'm lacking in experience & confidence with the editing.

    Claire - looking forward to Tuesday :-)


  5. I love the photo too, what an enchanting spot.
    My best advice is put it aside for a while before you start editing.
    How long depends on you, a day, week, month... whatever.
    I always find I can "see" my work much better if I put a bit of distance between the creating and the editing.


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