Sunday, 13 September 2009

School holiday lessons....

This is fairly random but I just thought I'd wish you 'Happy Roald Dahl Day' for no other reason than I think RDs stories are wonderful.
It has been so long since I signed on to my blog that it took four attempts to enter the correct information. I realise this is not a good sign.

Where have I been?

Not far. It's just I've been suffering from the overwhelming all consuming school summer holiday time & energy drain. (Drama queen - me? Never)

But I have learnt two lessons from this school summer break. They are not entirely new lessons but the sort that you forget and relearn as painfully as the first time!

1. Working from home is quite useful until the children are at home and kept prisoners indoors by the rain.

2. Setting impossible goals leaves one with nothing but the feeling of failure. (Maybe not impossible but I was certain I'd edit my novel over the summer. Convinced that my enthusiasm would be all I'd need to achieve this goal I failed to remember ill health, a job, husband's unpredictable hours, British weather & a string of the unforeseeable type of events one encounters.)

In addition I have found it practically impossible to dedicate much time to my blog or Twitter these past few weeks - I've had to prioritise in favour of my children . I am now just grateful to have got through the summer without a breakdown. And I'm happy to say that health wise I am doing quite well at the moment and the editing is back underway.

How was your summer?



  1. Oh I have to relearn those lessons all over again too. It amazes me that I can be that stupid! Work with the children off? Work while travelling in the UK? Pah!

    Very glad you've survived without a breakdown though. Good luck now it's back to term time.

  2. Hi Kat,
    Good to see you back.
    RD is definitely on of the best, totally barking, but great!
    Editing is a slow process for me at the best of time so I sympathise.
    Hmm, we are just coming into spring at this end of the world, but winter was OK we managed to go all sorts of places we really liked.
    Here's to a productive autumn and winter for you!

  3. JJ - glad it's not just me that has to relearn lessons.
    Al - RD is barking but I like that about him a lot. Thanks for the supportive words.

    Kat :-)

  4. My summer was underwhelmingly unproductive!

    Good to see you back.

  5. Debs - you too. Oh well we can begin afresh now the holiday break is behind us.


  6. Welcome back! Glad you survived the summer and remember, a break from the WIP isn't always a bad thing.

  7. Hi Kat *waves*. I'm sorry we never made it over to you.

    I'm on Twitter to Clairererj. And Face book to (my real name plus pic of tattoo).

    The summer was...well what it was. No writing got done here either, some things are just not possible with an autistic 5 yr old trashing the house.

  8. Tam - leaving the WIP alone seems to have paid off as (touch wood) the editing is now going quite well.

    Claire - sad we didn't get to meet up but we can rearrange soon I hope. Hoorah - you're on Twitter. I'm going to check you out on there pronto.

    Kat :-)


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