Thursday, 8 October 2009

"Coming Soon on Wright Story" PLEASE READ: the following post details a new blogging schedule!

(Poster above designed by my daughter & modelled by my son.)
For too long my blogging has been erratic and disorganised. Therefore in an attempt to organise, revamp and make my blog reader friendly I have devised a plan. (Oh yes, she says rubbing her hands together)
Starting now I will attempt to focus on a minimum of two weekly blog posts.
My posts will fall into the following categories that will be reachable via the 'Contents' bar at the top of my blog:
  • Wright Writing - an account of my writing life and relevant writing activities!
  • Wright Web Watch - these posts will feature something or someone interesting I've found on the Internet and will revolve around the topics of writing, reading, story, creativity......
  • Wright Reading - occasionally I may write a post about a book I've enjoyed or/and found useful.
  • Wright Photos - original but totally unprofessional photos may be used to adorn any of the above posts. As regular readers know, I do sometimes like to share pictures taken in my garden and in my home county of Cornwall.

I make no apologies for the cheesy content titles I have chosen. (okay just a little sorry)

I will try and exclude 'Wright Waffle' as far as possible. However, I will apologise in advance for the times when waffle seeps in, sometimes (like now) I just can't help it.

My Twitter page @wrightstory is a good place to discover my day to day musings. (Warning: Wright Waffle will often be found on my Twitter page but at least it will be limited to 140 characters)

Please wish me luck as I embark on my new organised blogging plan. Hope you enjoy (or at least humour) my attempts.



  1. Gr8 Blog! Gr8 Post!!! Check THIS too!!!

  2. Sounds like a plan! Although we don't mind a bit of Wright Waffle occasionally too :o)


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