Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Three books worth reading

I recently entered a competition held by Caroline Smailes and was lucky enough to win a signed copy of "Heaven Can Wait" by Cally Taylor.
What it's about....Lucy Brown has a fatal accident the day before she's due to marry Dan, the man of her dreams. Lucy's given the choice to either go to Heaven or stay with Dan as a ghost. She takes the second option which is dependent on her fulfilling the task of finding a soul mate for a dorky stranger. Whilst she's busy trying to complete this challenge her friend Anna is making moves on Dan.

Lucy Brown is a wonderfully honest amusing character and the after life is imaginatively portrayed. Cally Taylor's witty writing makes this a very enjoyable tale. A heartfelt laugh-out-loud delight. To learn more about Cally Taylor visit her website.
Next I recommend two books by Cecelia Ahern whose intelligent enjoyable storytelling remains commercially successful and accessible to a wide readership. Am I envious? Just a tad!

'The Gift' is a Christmas fable about the underestimated value of time and how we choose to spend its limited currency. The story is character and relationship focused with a touch of mild fantasy.

A touching and thought provoking novel that stays with you long after you've finished reading it.

'The Book of Tomorrow': After her father's suicide Tamara Goodwin and her withdrawn mother leave their wealthy Dublin lifestyle to live with family in the country. When a mobile library visits their remote new home, Tamara finds a magical book that helps her discover herself and the dark hidden secrets that lurk within her family.

A wonderful idea realised within a tight plot that enables you to join Tamara on her suspense filled journey of discovery.

Oh and the hard back edition is beautifully designed and so lovely to adorn your bookshelf.

If you'd like to learn more about the talented Cecelia Ahern and her books then visit her website.
Time for me to go and work on my own writing. The rewrites are not progressing as fast as I'd hoped. I have a million genuine excuses for this lack of productivity but to be honest they are all pointless in voicing because in the end if I want to write I just need to get on with it. Less moaning, agonising and self-criticism. More scribbling, key tapping and grafting. (That told me!)



  1. Great reviews! I've not read any Cecilia Ahern, so maybe I should.

    Good luck with the re-writes - it's hard finding the motivation sometimes :o)

  2. Thanks Karen. Re-writes went well today. I didn't expect to like Cecelia Ahern but now have read a few of her books and enjoyed them. Talented lady.


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