Monday, 23 November 2009

Wasps, leaks & rewrites...

The good news this past week is that the rewrites for my YA novel are going well. After completing a first draft and round of edits I had this nagging feeling that the story would work more effectively when told from the perspective of a first person narrative. But I knew this would require a lot of effort. So I decided to work on 3rd person and 1st person versions of the opening chapters with a view to comparing the two.

After completion I was sure that the first person narrative worked best. I gained a second opinion without sharing my own feelings. This reader was very enthusiastic about the first person narrative saying that it brought the story to life. Therefore, I am now busy rewriting my YA novel in first person. The plot, details & story are there already but nevertheless it is a lot of work to change the perspective. Am I mad? Probably. But mad or not I feel sure I've made the correct decision.

What about the wasps? Well I was writing in my writing hut when a dozy irritable wasp appeared from nowhere. I thought it was a loner come to shelter from the rain. But ten wasps later and a screaming phone call to my husband I realised that there were a whole family of the stinging nuisances. I hate killing anything and so at first tried to shoe them out windows and door. This wasn't an effective method. The wasps were grumpy and one dive bombed my head at such force that I began to lose my nerve. I'm ashamed to say I let my husband put the wasps out of their (& my) misery (aka slaughter them). Even though I don't like wasps I still felt all sad.

And the leak? With the wasps gone I thought I was free to continue with my writing. But then I noticed a slow spreading leak across my writing hut ceiling. I could have cried. Hubbie came to the rescue after my emotional plea and re-covered the offending side of the roof. Phew!

So all is well in my writing hut at the moment. The heater is at full blast and slipper socks are a must but it really is my favourite place to write.



  1. Eep on the wasps and the leak.
    But yay, on the rewrites and your little writing hut sanctuary. :)

  2. Wasps!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, hate them, if they sting me I go all funny. I'll happily have 100 more tattoo's than another wasp sting! But your hut sound lovely, better than a desk on the landing!

  3. Eewgh. Wasps? Even though I loathe them, I don't like killing anything either...

  4. Jennifer: thanks for the 'yay'. I guess with the good comes the bad.

    Claire: It may be damp & infested but my hut is my special place to write and I love it!

    JJ - exactly I felt horrible them dying but they had to go and they wouldn't let me guide them out to freedom.


  5. Nix the wasps, but best to you on the re-write. You can do it!!! And here's to more cozy writing in your hut!!

  6. Good luck on your rewrite.
    I always find myself leaning towards 1st person....much more instant, active...and yet lately I've written a whole short story in 2nd person and it has a very different feel..

  7. Thank you Jan.
    The point of view can deeply effect the feel of a novel. It is hard work changing this novel at such a late stage but I think it is worth it.


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