Monday, 21 December 2009

The view from the inside of my eyelids...

In short I've spent most of the past three and half weeks staring at the insides of my eyelids!
A relapse that amongst other things affected my vision, followed by high dose steroids that made my heart go crazy.....well I've been really poorly.

So did I see much on the backs of my eyelids?
Uh not much - at first at least. But as I've started to improve and my brain has started to wake I had plenty of time to consider what's important to me. Had a little time to be scared too. And of course I indulged in a little escapism via my imagination that although stunted has not completely died.

I've really really missed reading. Resting is no fun if you can't read. Or watch tv or do anything much. The last couple of days I've managed to read very briefly (like Christmas cards) but cause the words are blurred and don't tend to stay still it causes pressure and pain that isn't pleasant. But I'm now able to watch a bit of TV at least and am a little more sociable when people come to visit. .

I'm missing my online blogging anf Twitter connections - hope you're all enjoying the festive season. A big shout out to Helen Hunt & DJ Kirkby - hope you're both recovering well!

Happy Christmas & a fantastic New Year 2010 to you all.
Hope to be back in contact soon. Hubbie is reading me some emails and comments and keeping me partly updated but can't wait to catch up properly.

Disclaimer: It is way too difficult to read this screen properly so I'm just typing and not checking or reading - so apologies in advance for bad spelling/grammar/etc etc.


  1. So sorry you've had such a bad few weeks. I hope things start to pick up for you. x

  2. Kat, OMG, that's not good news. I hope you feel better and back to normal really soon.

    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

  3. Spelling and grammar's perfect actually! Poor you, sounds grim - can't imagine not being able to read properly. Sending big hugs and lots of good wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year xx

  4. Big hugs coming your way Kat ... I hope you recover quickly and enjoy a lovely Christmas - you deserve it! xx

  5. You sound like you've had a horrible time, I do hope you're on the mend very soon.

    Wishing you good health and a happy Christmas. x

  6. Hope you are feeling so much better now.

    Julie xx

  7. That's pants. I hope you managed to enjoy Xmas and New Year and are starting to feel better?


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