Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Similarities between Darth Vader & I

The following was written yesterday whilst encased in a metal dome undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment:
"I'm sitting in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber writing this blog post in my notebook. Laptops are an explosion risk in here. Submerged with a pressure fuelled squealing I'm at a depth of 22 something or others (should've paid more attention). I feel as though I should be able to see fish through the portholes that punctuate the metal domed walls. But instead there are just technicians peering in to check we are okay. I now have an understanding how an inhabitant of an aquarium may feel.
Strapped to my face is a one-size-fits-none oxygen mask that pumps in 100% oxygen that is better absorbed by my pressure contracted vascular system. ((The noisy breathing sounds I make mimic that of Darth Vader - who needs to have a toy voice changer helmet to imagine you're a character in Star Wars? Although I always wanted to be Luke Skywalker - but you can't have it all.)) Or I think that's what they said but I may have it completely wrong. But I do know that the pressure in this diving-type tank helps me absorb greater quantities of oxygen which in turn is meant to help heal the damage caused by the MS and hopefully increase my overall energy.
This is day 2 of my 15 consecutive week days that precede 1-2 week week top ups. The treatment takes about 75 minutes. Unfortunately my eyes/brain are still not able enough to pass my time reading. However, they're improving and so today I thought I'd write this for my blog.
So far I feel exhausted but this is normal for week one. After these first few days many people start to experience notable improvements. It feels good to be doing something positive and it beats just resting, waiting, popping pills and injecting. By week three I may be writing at the pace of a novel a month and going out dancing at the weekend. Anything's possible. Until then I'm only very occasionally and briefly able to read your blogs and tweets. But as Arnie once said: 'I'll be back!' "
So I have a new writing place to add to my experience! Right must dash - my head hurts and I'm running late for my next treatment........


  1. We used to have a hyperbaric unit near where we lived in Poole, Dorset, though it was mostly for divers with the bends. I had no idea that it was a treatment for MS. I very much hope that it helps you. Good luck with the other sessions.

  2. Incredible! Here's hoping it helps! Sending positive thoughts in your direction! :o)

  3. You are so brave Kat, you do inspire me mate, honestly. Have to say that I think you are too sweet to be DARTH. Keep going mate and I hope you will feel the results soon. M

  4. Thanks for your post sharing your experience, best wishes you feel improved and get fresh inspiration for your writing! xo Jenny


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