Monday, 15 March 2010

Journaling Adventures....

I've kept a written journal for as long as I can remember. My daily writing splurge has been an important part of my life.

I've also tried keeping morning pages, dream diaries, scrapbooks, collecting inspirational quotes and a creative visualisation journal amongst other projects. I'm now trying my hand at art journaling. And so is clear I am not a natural artist. BUT the purpose of keeping an art journal, for me, is creative self expression. A playground for my creative ideas and thoughts. For this reason I'm sharing the first three pages with you all in an attempt to tell my inner critic "I don't care what it looks like. And I don't care if you say it looks rubbish or stupid".

So here's my front cover....

And here's an exercise I did where I cut out about 30 words from old magazines, arranged them on the table & then made myself create something using only those words (no cheating & looking for new words or writing my own).......

And here's a little self expressive fun I had cutting & gluing stuff I liked....

So there it is. See "inner critic" - I'm not afraid. (Much!) (Hands shaking as I go to press the 'publish post' button)
If you like the idea of art journaling but would like to learn more from someone with talent visit Shannon Kinney-Duh at whose blog is a wonderful source of creative inspiration. Shannon runs "Inside Out" an e-course that uses personal art journaling & more to guide you on a journey of creative self-discovery. She can also be found on Twitter: @FreeSpiritKnits .


  1. your pages are beautiful!!! keep doing it. and thank you for sharing info about my course. i really appreciate it. happiness to you.

  2. You've got nothing to be affraid of! these pages look great, keep making collages! yay you!

  3. Beautifully done journal pages. And allow me to disagree with you - you're an Artist (Big "A" here!). The "Key and Lock" on the cover page is so clever and love the word-play. I'm going to try it ... Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. Shannon - :-)

    iHanna - thanks for stopping by & for the words of encouragement.

    Hybrid J - thank you for the kind words. The key & lock is not one of my photos but I found it in a magazine ad & felt it was good for my front page.

    Kat :-)

  5. Wow - I don't think I could do half as well!

  6. Gorgeous scrapbooks (and a generally fabulous blog too)

  7. Ruthie - I am convinced anyone could do better but thank you for the support :-)

    Megan - why thank you *blush* - thanks for visiting.

  8. Great journal pages! Good inspiration for those of us who are hesitant about letting go and doing this.

  9. Mary - Do give it a try. I am approaching my art journal with no preconceptions of how it should look. Good job in my case ;-)
    Thanks for visiting!


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