Monday, 8 March 2010

Seaside inspiration...

The theme in March for the Creative Everyday Challenge 2010 (see post below) is 'Stories'. It got me thinking about how my life story led me to settle in the coastal county of Cornwall and how much the coastline inspires me creatively.

After the most recent relapse kept me away from the seaside for a couple of months I am grateful to have just visited the coast two days in a row.

This is Polzeath beach mid-afternoon yesterday:

Whilst my husband and children got sandy & wet I did some free writing at Polzeath yesterday afternoon. I've spent many hours writing at Polzeath. It is one of my favourite places and consequently the childhood home of a main character in my current novel.

This next photo was taken from above Fistral bay at lunch time today:

This next photo shows sandy Fistral beach today. Cold but beautiful & sunny. I've also written a fair few scenes at Fistral either in a cafe, on a bench or in my car.

I feel blessed to live in Cornwall. The place, people and history are a constant rich source of inspiration. I find the sea magical and liberating. I am glad they are a part of my life story. In turn Cornwall has become woven into my fictional stories, poetry and crafts.
Tomorrow is my Birthday and traditionally I buy a new journal every Birthday. I have the ritual of ending my old journal with a review of my past year and beginning my new journal with an introduction of where I'm at and where I'd like to be. I always keep a personal written journal, sometimes a scrapbook journal (pictorial ideas) and a journal about my children. All of them are an expression of my story.

What place(s) are important to your life story? What place influences the fictional worlds you create? What place inspires you to create?


  1. Wow! Looks beautiful. I can see how you get inspiration for your character's home.

    Best writing,

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful day.x

    I love the idea of buying a new Journal each birthday and think I may start to do the same. What a fabulous idea.

    Beautiful photos. I love the sound and photos of Cornwall, but have never been there. Jersey is where I've lived for most of my life (apart from a couple of years in South Africa) and I especially love the coastal parts, which appear to be similar to Cornwall I think.

  3. Polzeath is one of my absolute favourite places for inspiration and peace. There is definitely something about where we live which cannot help but inspire.

    Ice cream cake and butterscotch sauce undergoing construction for tomorrow.

  4. Cornwall, a place of beauty and magic. And you photos show how fantastic it is.

    Also a happy birthday to you! :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lovely photos, Kat. I love giving my characters a home on the coast.

    Happy Birthday, have a great one!


  6. Thanks for the blog - I live in London and I love it very much - so much so I wrote London a love letter on my blog recently. But actually, I grew up near the sea in Nova Scotia. In the summertime, my family would spend a week on a small island in Maine - no electric, a wooden house - lots of wildlife. I would like to connect more to nature again - and your photos remind me of how much I do love the sea.

  7. Beautiful pics, Kat.
    Places? The woods where I grew up, it was an abandoned, overgrown Victorian zoo (I kid you not). The marshes by my house inspire me and appear in Mortlock (in a manner of speaking). Not sure of one place that inspires me to create, anywhere mountainous? Cornwall was nice last time I went, met some inspiring people there ;o)

  8. Happy Birthday - and those pics are beautiful!

  9. Brent - yes it's hard not to be inspired.

    Debs - yes, it has become a kind of ritual. Sometimes panic now to get a journal I love in time. If you want to come & stay with us in Cornwall you're most welcome to use our sofa bed & we'd be happy to show you round.

    Michelle - the ice-cream cake was divine thank you. I had a lovely day & it was great to have your company in the evening. X

    Hybrid J - thank you for stopping by :-)

    Tam - thank you

    Pat - coastal homes are inspiring & full of possibility.

    Beth - Nova Scotia & the island retreat in Maine sound wonderful.

    Jon - an overgrown Victorian zoo sounds fabulous feast for the imagination. Yes I can imagine the company in Cornwall would make for inspiration - I won't ask you what kind of fictional characters have been created from your visit with us :-)

    Rose Works Jewellery - thank you

    Kat X

  10. 'Not as good quality'? Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous :-)

    ...and happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day!

  11. wow, Katina, your pictures are just lovely... I want to be there...

  12. Heidi & polkadotsandblooms - thank you very muchly :-)

  13. how gorgeous! happy we found each other on Twitter!

  14. Shannon - glad to have found you too - CED & Twitter have introduced me to some wonderful interesting people :-)Thanks for stopping by!


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