Monday, 19 April 2010

Write by the stream....

This is the view beside my writing hut at the bottom of our garden. The sound of the stream has a dreamy melody to it that is a perfect soundtrack to my writing. Today I took my camera down and became immersed in the beauty of the running water and the budding trees. I was very aware of the Creative Everyday theme of 'the five senses'. I took over forty shots but I thought I may bore you if I used more than a couple. Looking at the photos I realised they will serve as inspiring story starters, scene prompts and art journal creations. There is magic to be found in the trees and water.

My biggest news this week is that I am finally able to read books again. I can't begin to explain how happy this has made me. Audiobooks are okay but for me they don't compare to reading a book myself. This week I've also been able to continue polishing/editing my novel and increase my writing time. This has felt fantastic. Even with the resulting headaches :-) Hence this post focusing on where I love to write: in an old summer house, now my writing hut at the bottom of the garden. Despite its shabbiness I love it for its pretty surroundings & because it is my own space to create.


  1. what a perfect spot for creating!! i find writing near moving water to be totally inspiring as well.

    and i'm glad to hear you can read books again! woohoo!

  2. What a beautiful spot you have to go to when you want to be creative. It must be so wonderful to go there and write and take pictures. I am so glad that you are able to read books again.

  3. How absolutely gorgeous!!! They say running water enhances creativity do that must a doubly ideal spot!

    To be unable to read for a while - how hard that must have been... So glad you are improving!

  4. P.S. I think you should have called this post - "Wright by the stream...." ;)

  5. Leah - I know it is woohoo - I've so missed reading!

    Ginny - Thank you for visiting. I do love this special spot. So lucky this cottage came with this wonderful space.

    EVA - Thank you for stopping by. I didn't know that water was meant to enhance creativity - but it sure makes sense to me! And yes you're right I should have called this "Wright by the stream" - not sure why I didn't think of this! :-)


  6. Kat - What a wonderful place to call your own - it's just beautiful. It almost felt like being there with your description and photos. So glad your vision is improving and that you can read books again! There is nothing like a book or magazine in your hands, the turning of pages and just the way it feels to touch the page.

  7. hi, kat!

    i did send this to you in an email - but as i'm still trying to figure out how "replying" to comments works, i thought i'd repost it here just in case.

    if i can find a CVS or something that prints decent photos, i'd love to send you one of my "change" spreads. would you mind sending me your address? you might have to be a little patient with me, but i'll do my best! my email address is mypeacetree2(at)gmail(dot)com.

    it's funny - art is considered a "fun" thing but at the same time can be really difficult emotionally. there are so many things to work through - expectations, doubts, frustrations, and limitations we put on ourselves to name a few. it really is a lot of work to actually enjoy it! such silliness. keep working through all the gremlins, i believe in you, i do, i do!!

    lots of love,

  8. Great news about the reading, and lovely photos. It's really important to find a space you feel happy and creative in :o)

  9. what a wonderful spot. and a writing hut? how fantastic!

  10. Mary - its true the feel, smell & look of a book can't be beaten.

    Ingrid - as I said in my email to you, thank you, you made my day & boosted my spirits X

    Karen - it is great news to be reading again. I can't read quite as fast or as much yet - but I'm working on it!

    Shannon - I do love that space. It may have spiders & be a little shabby but its mine all mine :-)

    Kat :-)

  11. Glad that you are able to read. And how wonder to live close to water. Since I started to draw, I began to associate creativity with water.

    Keep it up with your writing and also your art journaling. They are what I call food for the spirit.

    Will you be sharing with us some of your written words and art journal later.

    Cheers and have wonderful week ahead! :D

  12. Megan - ah but you have a wonderful published novel - so I am the one who is most envious :-)

    Hybrid J - I have just posted a recent page for my art journal. As you say: writing & art journaling are definitely food for the spirit. I wholeheartedly agree!



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