Monday, 24 May 2010


The CED2010 theme in May is "Intuition". When I learned of this in April I was pleased because I knew it would coincide with changes work wise & I felt that my intuition needed to be involved in choosing my next path. My intuition was already telling me that for career & health reasons I needed to focus on my writing and other creative work.

Unfortunately May is nearly over and I feel that I haven't been following my intuition. In fact I seemed to have sabotaged myself at times. Why? Well, I've been thinking about this and I think it comes down to simple fear. I am scared of following my intuition. My intuition clearly advises me to get on with writing & creating. But the nagging voice of fear keeps telling me things like: 'why bother, you've got no talent, you'll never make any money at it & you'd be better off doing XYZ'

Nevertheless I have tried to follow my gut regardless of my reluctance. I've sang 'la la la' with my fingers in my ears (metaphorically speaking) when the fear taunts me. I've forced myself to my writing desk. I've cajoled myself to create a page in my art journal. I've snapped photos of scenes that have caught my attention. I've sat down at the piano & tried to lose myself in playing. The interesting and consistent result is that I always feel better after engaging in the creative activity that my intuition begs me to do. It seems that for some reason the things that are best for us are the very same things we avoid.

Although May is nearly over I am determined to bring "intuition" into everything I create. When I let go, do what feels right and lose myself in the act of creating - more often than not I have the best results. More importantly I feel a helluva lot better mentally & physically. Plus, I've gathered relevant experiences that will be useful to my current non-fiction writing project.

Please share your similar experiences. I'd love to read about them.



  1. Keep going!

    There's nothing better than losing yourself in writing. It's just that some days it's easier to get straight to that place than others.

    I always find it's better to ignore the idea of the market at the end of it all. It's way too muddy.

    Good luck!!

  2. Thank you for those words of encouragement & advice. I had a pretty good day today which has left me happy & high on that creative buzz :-)

  3. Thank you for 'following' me and for that lovely twitter update; you made my day. I'm unlikely to blog this week because of a family crisis, but I'm still here! Megan's right; I tend to ignore the commercial end, too, and get totally absorbed in creativity, be it writing or textile work. Take care. x

  4. oh katina - getting to a place of allowing intuition to lead is a real journey. i believe that small steps work better, as we slowly ground ourselves in the knowing that we can trust that inner voice.

    in my experience - starting with our creative work, and allowing intuition to lead there, we can then let that inner voice grow stronger and stronger until our whole lives are ruled by intuition.

  5. sorry - that anon comment was me - andrea.

  6. Elizabeth - my pleasure because I felt I had to share such a wonderful post. I'm still dreaming of visiting that bookshop. I hope your family crisis is soon resolved happily. Thinking of you.

    Andrea - thank you for those wise & helpful words. I will try to take is slower & instinctively know that the creativity will help lead me there. Thank you :-)

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