Thursday, 13 May 2010

New beginnings....

We're back from a nine day stay with family & friends. Having celebrated two weddings, Birthdays & reunions - we had a lovely time.

The photo today is of the bouquet given to me at the second wedding for giving a speech. I was extremely nervous and trembling especially as the speech involved not only anecdotes but a fantasy fiction involving the couple and accompanied by a relevant soundtrack. Luckily it all seemed to go down very well - phew! There was laughter (at the right moments) & positive audience involvement. I was very glad when it was over so that I could enjoy the rest of the day & evening - both of which were immensely enjoyable once my nerves had disappeared.

Returning back to ordinary life & its troublesome realities is always hard but at least I do feel refreshed from our break. Tomorrow I formally end a work contract that has been dear to my heart. I feel some sadness but also relief as it became more stressful than I'd imagined.

So I find myself facing new beginnings. I plan to completely focus on my fiction & non-fiction projects as well as explore my creative practice experiment more fully. It is both nerve wracking & exciting at the same time. Change seems to bring with it fear, doubt, questions and apprehension. But it also brings with it a thrill of what could be. I am energised by the possibilities.

I hope you'll be here on this next stage of my journey - it helps to know there are other creative people out there facing similar creative challenges. Connecting with you all has helped me immensely. One wonderful person I recently made contact with via blogging is the lovely Ingrid who can be found at . She sent me photos of her art work on the theme of 'change'. She also wrote me a thoughtful & inspirational letter. Coming back from our break I found her envelope made from historical American maps and posted from the USA. Its arrival and the contents were a wonderful welcome home & helped offer me strength to face the changes ahead. Thank you Ingrid!



  1. I'll be with you all the way. I too am concentrating on my writing as I face some similar challenges. Wishing you success for all your creativity,


  2. Yes, me too. I'll be here with you. x

  3. you're very, very welcome, my dear! lots of love to you!

  4. Kat, while change is often terrifying I think it's also brilliant for feeding creativity. Not always immediately maybe, but in the long term I think you'll see rewards.

    Good luck and I shall be around too.


  5. Cathy - thank you for your support. Wishing you luck with your own challenges X

    Helen - thank you sweetie X

    Ingrid - & love to you - you really are a sweetie!

    JJ - I hope it does feed my creativity. I'm feeling in a sludge today, my first real day of trying my new routine & so am feeling encouraged by your words - thank you X



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