Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Doodling my way through the chaos of half-term...

It's half-term and with the extra inset day my children have been off school for nearly a week already. My days have been filled with chaos, noise and many children. I'm incredibly tired & finding it very hard to write or fully engage in any creative project. Does this sound familiar to any other parents out there?

I've recently found doodling in my art journal helps me relax and unlock my creative blocks. Which is especially useful for getting into the 'zone' when all around me is noisy chaos. It also helps me get past procrastination or stagnation. Sometimes, whilst creating a doodle, I've inadvertently worked through problems and new ideas for my novel writing. The two doodles shown here are from this week. The above doodle was done using Sharpie markers. Below is what I call a word doodle - sort of free writing mixed with doodling.

I'm not the only one doodling out there. If you google 'zentangle' or 'zendoodle' you will find a wealth of information, communities, courses and businesses based on this idea. I've always doodled as a sort of extension to my daydreaming habit. But now I try it as a way to free up my imagination, release tension in my creative muscles and as a sort of fun meditation. Next time you're stuck or overwhelmed why not give it a go?



  1. i've been trying my hand at making pretty doodles...i haven't been so successful yet, but i think i'll get there one day, if i stop letting myself destroy them before they're done...

  2. Kools doodles. I had no idea doodling was so zen!

  3. little sheep - thanks for stopping by! I don't think the end result matters, it's just an exercise in letting go.

    Jan - I'm not sure the 'zen' part is always applicable to my doodles but I do find them relaxing, meditative & sometimes inspirational.

    Thanks, Kat :-)

  4. School breaks are always a challenge, aren't they! Especially when your kids are too young to work!

    Very nice doodles and such large ones! The word one is quite intriguing! Beautiful! To me they do have a zen-like quality (or what I perceive to be a zen-like quality!) so they seem well-named.

    Keep your spirits up! Maybe the kids might like to try zen doodling too!

  5. I've never heard of doodling used in this way, though I guess it works on the same principle as mind-mapping, so logic tells me it works. Thanks, I'll have to try this. x

  6. Wow - your doodles are incredible. I doodle lots, bt it's rtotal random rubbish, love the idea of focusing them. Cheers Kat

  7. Wonderfully creative doodles! The word one is quite unique and they both look like they were great fun to create.

  8. EVA - Thanks you. My 8 year old daughter has been having a try at doodling. Kids don't worry what things look like so produce honest & interesting results.

    Elizabeth - give it a try, it's relaxing & fun. Let me know how it goes.

    Megan - thank you. You do realise that mine is random rubbish don't you? But that that doesn't matter because its meant to be about the process. Or that's my excuse anyway!

    Mary - thanks - they were fun & just what I needed amongst the chaos of half term!

    Kat :-)

  9. Oooh, I love the orange one.

    There's an award for you over at my place Kat.

  10. JJ - have not long visited your blog & found it. Thanks

  11. i stop letting myself destroy them before they're done...
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