Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Life - New Kitten

The Creative Every Day theme in July is 'Life'. Life is a real mix of pleasure and pain. Recently I've struggled with my health but at the same time enjoyed blessed relationships with family and friends. This weekend we brought home a new addition to our family: a kitten we've named Alfie. He is full of new life. Watching him interact with my children, all of them enjoying the small pleasures that life brings, I feel inspired and positive. Kittens and children encourage us to view life with wonder which can enrich our creative lives.
When feeling stuck, try viewing the world with young eyes.


  1. Alfie looks adorable. I hope that you continue to feel positive. Good wishes!

  2. lovely!
    Hope Alfie continues to inspire x

  3. Rebecca, Amanda, Christine, Jan & Megan - thank you.

    Alfie is settling in very well & is a real pleasure.


  4. A perfect post for the theme of "Life"!

    He looks like he will definitely enrich yours!

  5. Nice post about New Life - New Kitten for all creative children, it helps a lot in how to guide our child's in their creativity stage. hope to see more soon, Thanks!

  6. New kid on the block ... what a joy! I'm sure the boundless energy of Alfie will rejuvenate you and your family. Well Done!

    Thank you for sharing. ;)

  7. Beverley - thanks for visiting. I agree that cats are a wonderful addition to a family. We used to have a cat years ago & when he went missing I was grief stricken. He'd been a valuable family member & his loss left a huge hole. Alfie is wonderful for us all & the children especially are benefiting.

    EVA - six days with us & he is already enriching our days (& causing mega mischief. Lol. :-)

    creative children - thanks for stopping by - yes I agree pets are great for children.

    Hybrid J - he sure does have a lot of energy :-)

    Leah - He is cute & after only six days he's grown already in size & definitely in confidence!

    Kat X

  8. He's adorable! Pets are such a source of comfort and fun.

    Hope you're feeling better :o)

  9. They are. Thanks Karen X


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