Saturday, 14 August 2010

Book Review: "Like Bees to Honey" by Caroline Smailes

I don't often write book reviews but occasionally a book moves me so that I feel I must try....

Like Bees to Honey’ is a page turning journey into the human soul and to the island of Malta. In turns heartbreaking and amusing; this novel is a thought provoking, life affirming tale. Uniquely presented and structured ‘Like Bees to Honey’ fearlessly tackles human relationships, society and religion in ways that could occasionally be deemed controversial but in fact honestly imparts truth, understanding and comfort to us in our human condition. I feel as if I’ve visited Malta (I haven’t) and am now eager to return especially to taste the delicious food immerse myself in the rich culture and historical wonder. I think if I do get to visit Malta then I may find myself looking for the delightfully portrayed characters: Tilly, Elena, Geordie and the others. They felt so real; as if they were taking me as well as Nina on a personal journey of enquiry.

Caroline: I think ‘Like Bees to Honey’ is your masterpiece. A beautiful novel, written from the heart and capable of changing lives; I know it has already positively affected mine.

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  1. Wow, Kat, what a review. I'd best get on to my copy then. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Totally agree - what a wonderful book. You've summed it up beautifully

  3. JJ - glad to be of help giving you a nudge. Lol. Get to reading it - you won't regret it I'm sure.

    Megan - thank you - it is a wonderful book.



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