Saturday, 28 August 2010

Fire in the sky....

During August the theme for the Creative Everyday Challenge is "Fire". With the school summer holidays and varying vision problems, it really has felt like a challenge to be creative every day. However, I do love taking photos & try to remember to bring my camera on trips out. Taking photographs helps connect me to the moment and helps me be mindful of my surroundings (instead of getting stuck in the waffle of my thoughts). These photos taken at Trevone beach, Cornwall, I feel express the theme of  'Fire' quite well.


  1. Yep! Those amazing skies certainly look like ribbons of fire. Looks like you had lovely time taking them, too. x

  2. Utterly gorgeous.
    Hope you're taking care xx

  3. Beautiful photos, Kat. Excuse the cliche but I wish I was there! x

  4. What beautiful sky photos! You have captured that fleeting moment before the sun goes down when the colors of the clouds are brilliant and just glow.

  5. Elizabeth - I did enjoy the time watching the sky change, taking photos & writing.

    Megan - thank you X

    Shanta - well if you ever fancy visiting I'm sure there would be the opportunity for a bit of beach sky watching :-)

    Mary - thanks. Its a relatively short but special time to sky watch.

    Kat X


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