Monday, 20 September 2010

Creative experiments...

I love taking part in the Creative Everyday Challenge 2010. It perfectly supports and encourages my own creative journey. This year has been an experiment for me to see how creativity and intuition can benefit my health and well being. It has been an interesting and beneficial learning curve so far.

So, in the past ten days what creative experiments have I embarked on? Below is inspired by the CED2010 September theme of water. A mixture of paint and a haiku. (which may be a Haiku I'll enter into a competition - not sure if its good enough but can't hurt to try).

Also inspired by the 'water' theme - my amateur attempts at watercolour:

I've done a couple of zen doodles:

And here I wanted to try and make a collage doodle out of string. Its not quite finished (hence pencil marks) but this is it so far:

So in summary: the past couple of weeks have seen me writing quite a lot of poetry and haiku, doodling, painting, collaging & generally making a lot of mess. Oh and I did get my article accepted to be published in the DPPI journal in February 2010. 

What creative experiments have you been involved in?


  1. Lots of gorgeous work here Kat!! You have been creating like mad!

    I especially like the water coloured sea but the are all wonderful!

  2. EVA - thank you so much for your kind words.
    Kat X

  3. Brilliant, really inspiring.
    I've mostly been trying to get my head together (a highly creative task (-:)

  4. Wow, you have been busy! I'm especially loving the zen doodles. Amazing! x

  5. Megan & Shanta - thank you :-).

  6. What a wonderful, creative week you had!! I love your artowrk - especially your doodles!! Also, so enjoyed hearing from you on my blog. Your comment was honest, insightful, inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your authenticity with me. xoxo

  7. Shannon - thank you. Doodling is amazingly therapeutic & has formed a good part of my art journalling.

  8. I love the variety you have here :D

    The colours you choose for your paintings are lovely. I've enjoyed seeing your art journal.

    I'm really interested in doodles/zentangles at the moment. I've only just recently discovered them and find them intriguing. Yours are great and you've encouraged me to try some more myself.

    String painting! I've had them on my mind for months now. The last one I did was in primary school and I haven't thought of them in years until just recently. Yours is the first I've seen and is exactly like what I had in mind to attempt, like a 3-D doodle texture. Fantastic! Are you going to leave it au-natural or will you be painting over it?

    And thanks for your comments on my blog. It is great to meet you.

    (up at 3am and verbose)


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