Monday, 25 October 2010

Babes in the Woods. Looking for the fantastical....

Ten days ago we spent a wonderful few hours in a place called "Golitha Falls" (Cornwall).  My children, husband & I explored this ancient woodland looking for: fairies, pixies, Robin Hood & his men. It is a magical place where your imagination seems to take flight.

 With the roots of very old trees taking over I was only able to go so far but hubbie & kids were able to run, jump, climb & visit the waterfalls. I was happy to take lots of photos (160 in total) and engage in the inspirational surroundings that inspired our joint storytelling sessions.

I would've posted sooner but this last week my LHS has been a bit useless; making me a little slow & behind with everything. But this unplanned trip to the woods is still fresh in our memories and continues to inspire stories, poems & craft projects. The CED2010 October theme is 'earth' and I found  lots of inspiration in this beautiful location with its earthy tones.

Where have you been recently that has inspired and energised you?


A big thank you to the wonderful Christine for awarding me 'The Versatile Blogger' award (displayed on the rhs column). I haven't followed the criteria simply because I've done a similar meme recently & don't want to bore you but I would love to pass on the award to all the people who left me a comment on my last post; your kind words were a great support through last week. If you want to know more about how the award works & read Christine's great blog then follow the link attached to her name above.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Just for the joy of it....

I've nearly completed this art journal; which feels like a worthy achievement considering recent health challenges. The picture above was an experiment with watercolour and ink. I realise I'm no painter and the perspectives/techniques are awry but nevertheless I was quite pleased with this page. I think it turned out okay simply because I didn't care. I'm learning to sometimes just enjoy the process with no result in mind. The wording on the page below was inspired by this.

This started as a collage, progressed to an exploration of the inks in my collection and then ended as an experiment in stamping with found objects. I tried stamping with a folded tablet box, peg, Lego man, and plastic button.

The page below is important to me because it uses tapestry threads that I bought in March using my Birthday money. Back then my vision/head was much worse and the purchase became a positive incentive for the future. It took me until last week to be able to use them. Instead of a large fabric project I decided to paint some card, prick out a random doodle design & use some of the lovely coloured threads. I really enjoyed it.
As well as these pages, the past fortnight has seen me writing a little more poetry and writing realms in my written journal. I've been creating for the simple joy of it.  With this attitude I've learnt new things and had some results I'm quite pleased with. Would it have been the same if I'd stressed, struggled and tightly controlled? Or if I'd panicked about my health reducing my productivity and tried to force myself? I think not.

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