Monday, 11 October 2010

Just for the joy of it....

I've nearly completed this art journal; which feels like a worthy achievement considering recent health challenges. The picture above was an experiment with watercolour and ink. I realise I'm no painter and the perspectives/techniques are awry but nevertheless I was quite pleased with this page. I think it turned out okay simply because I didn't care. I'm learning to sometimes just enjoy the process with no result in mind. The wording on the page below was inspired by this.

This started as a collage, progressed to an exploration of the inks in my collection and then ended as an experiment in stamping with found objects. I tried stamping with a folded tablet box, peg, Lego man, and plastic button.

The page below is important to me because it uses tapestry threads that I bought in March using my Birthday money. Back then my vision/head was much worse and the purchase became a positive incentive for the future. It took me until last week to be able to use them. Instead of a large fabric project I decided to paint some card, prick out a random doodle design & use some of the lovely coloured threads. I really enjoyed it.
As well as these pages, the past fortnight has seen me writing a little more poetry and writing realms in my written journal. I've been creating for the simple joy of it.  With this attitude I've learnt new things and had some results I'm quite pleased with. Would it have been the same if I'd stressed, struggled and tightly controlled? Or if I'd panicked about my health reducing my productivity and tried to force myself? I think not.


  1. Your an amazing painter and artist!

  2. I find what you've done hugely inspirational. I love the idea of an art journal I have not got the head or imagination for it. Or perhaps more realistically the patience. Mine always looks like something my (nearly) 2 year old would have done. :)

  3. Kat - What wonderful journal pages posted here and how awesome to be near completion of an art journal! The stitching on paper with special threads is lovely. Your positive attitude towards working on your art in the face of health issues is an inspiration to spur others onward.

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  5. Wonderful art journal pages Kat! That watercolour is lovely!

    I always want to write all over my pages and then I don't think they are "arty" enough. I did manage to do one spread this week but haven't shown them. I love seeing what other people do.

    Thanks for the idea about the holes! I like it!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. How lovely - you are clearly a talented lady :o)

  7. PP - thank you for your way too generous comment. I can't quite agree but it is really nice to have such positive support, thanks Xx

    Helen - thank you so much for lovely comment . BTW I don't believe you don't have the imagination and I suspect its not patience that's the problem. More likely the last part of the comment reveals the truth. You don't need to worry what it looks like & you may just surprise yourself. I have a feeling you'd be great at it but really only do it if you find it fun :-) X

    Mary - it does feel good to have nearly completed this journal. Thank you so much for your lovely comments; they mean a lot. Xx

    EVA - thank you :-). Paper pricking can be fun & effective even if you don't thread through the holes with yarn/ribbon - you can almost doodle a pattern with the holes and use a colour behind to show through. Let me know if you have a go.

    Karen - thank you. I don't know about talented but it is nice to have your support and company. Xx


  8. Gorgeous artwork Kat. Your creativity's hugely inspiring. Keep writing, keep making, it's wonderful

  9. Megan - thank you for being so kind & supportive. X

  10. A late comment but I'm no less admiring than the others. Beautiful!

    I do admire your creativity and enjoy your blog. There's a little something for you over on my blog.

    Best wishes

  11. Christine - thank you for your lovely comment. I shall pop over to your blog next.

    Everyone has been so supportive with their comments & it has really helped me whilst I was struggling this week. So a big THANK YOU to all you lovely people.

    Kat Xx


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