Thursday, 11 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Art Explosion in progress....

Day 11 and at only 3pm I have managed to: take lots of photos; paint first few layers on two canvases; progress with my music collage and play the recorder. I've experimented with fabric paint, acrylic, distress inks, glue, water, scissors and a heat gun. I've been matching up threads, buttons and charms for consideration. My kitchen looks like I've exploded a box of art and craft materials and my hands are stained with ink. Do I feel happy - hell yeah!! And my day and my art projects are not necessarily over yet. But my kids will be home soon and my eyes are pretty tired so I though I'd post a bit earlier today. Thought it would be good to show work in progress and confess just how messy I can be.

  • Do you ever go crazy with loads of art materials at once?
  • Are you a messy or tidy when you are creating?
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  1. Love the brightness - are your hands that color too, now? They'll think you've been squeezing pomegrantes all day... ;-)

  2. Sounds super fun!!! I stay fairly contained with materials since I work at our bkfst table and have to clean everything up! But I love those days when I create background after background like wild!!! Enjoy your happy day.

  3. Yes, yes and YES! I explode regularly and sometimes my art stretches across my house, my yard, my friends homes (like my in process poetry chairs!) I love doing the "background stuff" and then mooshing it all together in one wild rush.


    Just like I have been loving visiting your blog regularly!

    Read my aedm check in here.

  4. When my children were younger we used to have great fun making thing and always made a dreadful mess of the kitchen. Worth it though.

  5. How awesome to be doing so many things at once!

  6. Yes I buy lots of art supplies at once. And at once. And at once. I have the whole basement, 1/2 the garage and 2 rooms (well, one is my office too) in my house. And I am a messy artist. How can you creat anything if everything is neatly put away *out of sight*? I am visual - need it where I can see it! You know, the photo you took of your inprogress work is lovely all by itself!

  7. nanc - unfortunately the colour that stained my hands was the distress ink 'tea stain' colour. Would have been nicer if one of the prettier colours had left their mark instead :-)

    gypsy - my whole kitchen table, windowsill, dresser top & chairs were utilised y'day & yes I did have to clear up. I need a big craft studio with moppable floor, that's what I need. I shall ask santa but not holding out much hope. Lol.

    Julie - aha your my kind of girl spreading your arty mess far & wide. Lol. Thank you so much for the lovely comment about visiting my blog. Just what I needed on a funny old grey morning.

    Debs - but at least you could blame it on the kids :-)

    Anne - it did feel good. Thanks for visiting. I've just had a happy time browsing your blog.

    Tammy - Thank you :-) I quite agree you kinda need things out to muse over. I have got an old summer house where I write and sometimes craft but I'm not able to keep all my art supplies down there and it's too hard to lug stuff up & down the garden. So quite often I take over my kitchen. Trouble is I have to clean up. I'm very envious of all the space you have. Sounds fab!

    Kat X

  8. Wonderful blog you is super lovely to meet you! beautiful post..yes i love creating..and if it gets messy..even better! I paint..and get swept away..part of the fun and magic.
    Wonderful post. Shine on!

  9. Kiki aka Victoria - thank you for visiting. Glad to meet another person who enjoys making a mess when creating :-)


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