Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 10 - Autumn Treasure

This photo, I took a couple of weeks ago, is of my son's gathered Autumn treasure. He is very proud of his haul :-) I can't believe Autumn is over already. Here in Cornwall the trees are just hanging onto the last of their leaves; in the milder climate we seem to get some of the first blossom and last leaves in the country.

I've had a very busy day including some eye therapy. Therefore my creative efforts are small but I feel pleased to have done something. So to accompanyt the photo today I've written a Haiku. Both photo and poem are inspired by my children's love of collecting conkers in the Autumn. They get very excited when they start to drop from the trees and it is a delight to see them take pleasure in the simple things nature can offer.

Shiny copper jewels
Heralds of autumn's glory
Children's loved treasure

copyright Katina Wright 10.11.10

  • How does nature inspire you?
  • In what ways do your children/grandchildren/other people's children inspire your creative work?
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  1. Very nice haiku an gorgeous photo Kat! Are conkers = chestnuts?

  2. Eva - thanks! I think conkers are the same as chestnuts. In this country we eat roasted chestnuts. Now you've got me thinking....I think maybe there are different varieties of chestnuts - some for eating and some that got names conkers because of the game conkers that kids play. All bit confusing.

    Missy - thank you sweetie. X


  3. Lovely Haiku and inspired by your AEDM adventures! Chestnuts are yummy - my brother usually roasts them at Thanksgiving and I think you can use them in stuffing too.

  4. Thank you Mary. Chestnuts are yum but I haven't had any in a really long time. Kat X

  5. Much of haiku is inspired by nature, isn't it? I think the words make the picture even more beautiful. I invite you to see my haiku from Nov. 2, on my blog.

  6. Mlissabeth - yep, I think traditionally Haiku is inspired by nature. Thank you for your kind comments. I shall pop over to your blog and read your Haiku.



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