Sunday, 14 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 14 - Celebrations...

This is a quick post because its been a very busy weekend celebrating children's Birthdays and I'm quite exhausted. Tomorrow is my daughter's 9th Birthday. After a busy day out I didn't think I'd post at all today. But after decorating the house with balloons & banners I found myself with a cup of chamomile tea and doodling. Its a really rubbish doodle but I realised that it sort of looked like party decorations. It seems the numerous Birthdays recently had subconsciously played a part in this. So I then wrote around the sides of the doodle with the first thing that came to mind and that was:
" My baby girl is 9 tomorrow. In my memory she can sometimes still appear as the tiny premature baby she once was. Now she's the tallest in her class, funny clever and strong. Tonight I've been decorating ready to celebrate the birth and first nine years of my precious, special little girl".

So after writing that I decided I ought to share my rubbish doodle and my personal writing because along with Birthday card making and house decorating I had created some art for today.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Tomorrow will mark the half way point of AEDM2010.
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  1. our daughters share a birthday! mine is 8 tomorrow. i am so high on birthday cake right now, i can't believe i'm even typing. i love your doodle - it looks like lace, a very delicate weaving. happy early birthday to your beautiful girl! xo

  2. It's a lovely doodle, no rubish! It does kinda look like party decorations, in my mind it's a spider's party and she just finished decorating her web!

  3. It's a lovely doodle! And what a special one for your now 9 year old to look back on when she's 29!

  4. aimee - how fantastic - hope you had a lovely day celebrating!

    Missy - I like the idea of it being a spider's party - excellent story potential!

    dthaase - thank you!

    TravelingMermaid - thank you. I've kept a copy in my AEDM journal.

    Kat :-)


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