Monday, 15 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 15 - MY 100th POST with lots to celebrate!!!!!

This is my 100th post on this blog *cue trumpets and fireworks*!  Today I've also been celebrating my daughter's 9th Birthday. And I'm pleased to say at the halfway point through Art Everyday month I've managed to post everyday. It may be true that some days 'art' may have been a dubious label to attribute to what I was offering but, nevertheless I'm happy that health wise I've been creative and posted everyday. Hurrah! So today, obviously my day revolved around my children but my favourite creative time of the day involved making art with my daughter's present: a "Bendaroos" set.  

Basically Bendaroos are strips of wax that you bend and shape into animals, objects or pretty much anything your imagination fancies. As the photos show my two were totally engrossed. It is a pleasure to note that although my daughter received a second hand laptop as a joint present from all the family (so she could write her books and thoughts on it. She's not allowed her own Internet connection yet) when they got home from school they quickly got engrossed in making their own art (and so did I). Below are some of our creations (they were in charge; I just got to help a little):

It's fantastic to create with children. Whether in the creative writing I've done for work with school children or especially with my own two babes - I'm constantly inspired by children. They don't usually set themselves expectations, express themselves freely, have untethered imaginations and create from the heart.

Do you ever try to view life and create through a child's eyes?
Admittedly it's difficult but when I try to do this I laugh or cry at how I can sometimes limit myself with my cynicism and jaded adult perspective.

Today is a celebration for me. What part of your day would you like to celebrate today? What was special? What made you look at life with different eyes?

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  1. Yay! So much to celebrate here!!! I'm throwing the confetti along with you! :-)

  2. Thank you Leah :-) Here in the UK there's only 17 minutes left of day 15. I'm kinda sad to leave it behind.

    Kat X

  3. Yay for you and your 100th post :)))))))!!!!!!

  4. We had some bendaroos but couldn't get them to stick.. glad you had better luck! Hope Jessica is back down to earth after all the birthday fun!

    Congratulations on 100 posts - a real milestone.

  5. happy birthday!! i love creating with my son - he teaches me so much about play and just going for it! thanks for your lovely comment today. xo

  6. p.s. congrats on you 100th post!

  7. Missy - Thank you :-)

    Lisa - they stuck together but did need a little manipulation to do so. Little man needed a bit more help because of this. I think Jessica is a bit tired after such a fun few days. Lol.

    Shannon - Thank you :-) Yes, I agree, kids do help you relax into the fun of creating & just go for it. Soon you'll have two to create with - think of all the messy fun you'll have :-)

    Kat X


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