Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 16 - Journaling, writing and felt brooches...

On day sixteen of aedm2010 I've been feeling a little flat; probably over tired from a busy few days.  I did some writing and doodling in my journal and I made this felt brooch for my daughter to pin on her bag. It is part sewn and part glued. I attached a  safety pin onto the back with a scrap of matching felt and some stitching. The writing, journaling and art improved my mood as they almost always do which in turn helped me cope with the energy slump.

How does your creative work help you?

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  1. It rejuvenates me! I often get sad, grouchy or moody when I haven't created anything. It's amazing how revived I feel when I write a poem that pleases me.

    Lovely brooch, by the way. I would have loved to have had one of those on MY bag!


  2. I like felt jewlery pieces and especially like the old-looking (glass?) button.

    There are many things I can no longer do with my family because of MS. I tire easily, and lose my balance quickly. So, creating with hook and yarn/thread is my solace, my therapy, my release. It is comforting knowing that I can redo something I don't like and make it better. My husband, a music teacher, tells me I crochet like he sings. :)

  3. Cute brooch, I've had an energy slump myself, its pretty dismal today, so hopefuly I'll spring back tomm:)

  4. Those things usually improve my mood, too. Sometimes, though, when I'm in a slump it's hard to actually do them, though.

    Fun brooch!

  5. Art helps improve my mood too! Even if it's just a little something.

    Love the brooch!

  6. Kat - I also find that if I don't have creative time I get grouchy. I like writing poetry and often I use poetry as a sort of therapy.

    Mlissabeth - the button is part of a collection of old vintage style buttons I have gathered. The kids love to go through them and have claimed many for their own. My son particularly likes some silver ones with what he calls 'pirate ships' on that I gave him. The MS is rubbish; as you know you have my understanding and empathy. Music is also a great comfort to me.

    Missy - hope you're feeling better today xx

    Anne - I know what you mean; sometimes its hard to get going when we feel rubbish.

    Leah - Definitely! Even just a short time being creative can make a big difference.

    Kat X

  7. That is one lovely brooch Kat, you talented lady

    Creativity FTW as certain younger folk in my household say (-:

    Hope the flatness lifts xxx

  8. Megan - Thanks :-) I can't seem to figure out: what does FTW stand for? Is it rude? Lol.

    Kat X

  9. how fun! felting is my favorite!! thanks for adding the free spirit badge to your site. it looks awesome. YOU are awesome. and YES...you will get an opportunity to win some great prizes. :) happy day.

  10. I love the felt brooch! What a cute accessory. it has such a fall feel to it - great colors feels warm and cozy!

  11. Shannon - Hurrah - I shall look forward to the competitions and being introduced to your favourite free spirit people.

    Rachel - thank you for visiting my blog & leaving such a lovely comment :-) I shall have to pop over to your blog to pay visit!

    Kat :-)


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