Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 17 - Doodling from inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber...

On day 17 of aedm I was having my weekly oxygen treatment and I thought that as the World Doodle Challenge is asking for doodles from a variety of locations I could doodle from inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. So that's what I did.

Do you ever get busy creating art (in the widest sense) in unusual places?

PS - if you take a look in the right hand column you'll see I have a new 'I'm a free spirit' blog button that was kindly donated by Shannon from Free Spirit Knits. Visit her blog and you too can display this pretty creation and learn about competitions she'll be holding soon. But first why not click on the button and read the wonderful creative list Shannon has created.
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  1. what a cool place to doodle!!

  2. Cool - What a neat place to create - I guess you can doodle anywhere!

  3. What an awesome idea! The doodle turned out great.

  4. Nice doodle, I bet if you send yours in it would be their most unique location.

  5. Hope you are safe from the floods. Sometimes I am very grateful that I live at the top of a hill! Nice doodling.

  6. thank you for sharing the badge! i've posted the first of the give-aways today. good luck! :)

  7. Leah - thanks; I thought it was fun and others in there wanted to know what I was doing.

    Rachel - I guess you can really. I always carry paper and pen for writing & now it's coming in handy for doodling!

    dthaase - Thank you.

    Karen - thanks, I was just inspired by this World Doodle Challenge of doodling from different locations.

    Missy - maybe it'll get other people thinking of unusual places to doodle.

    Lisa - We were okay but plenty of people nearby weren't. Hubbie is out driving all day & he told me he saw some horrendous sights. I really feel for people.

    Shannon - I've left a comment & have my fingers crossed :-)


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