Thursday, 18 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 18 - My Music Collage Learning Experience

I started this music themed collage last week but put it aside whilst working on other projects. You can check out photos of the first stages here.  I nearly finished it today but have had to halt the process to allow things to dry. So I still have some finishing touches to add.

So far I've used distress inks and water on a 12"x8" canvas to create a base. I took photos of instruments in my home and scanned in vintage music score. I used a sepia effect on the images and messed with the tones a little. I printed out my images onto handmade (coated for printer use) paper. I tore, cut and arranged images. I cut out some musical notes and treble clef shapes from some of my prints. I glued the images down using Golden regular matt gel medium. I attached some silver charms using Golden Heavy gel medium.

What I learnt: Handmade paper printed on with a normal ink jet printer does not like being handled and glued. I had quite a few setbacks with prints being ruined. I guess I need a fancier printer with steadfast ink. But I still enjoyed and its always good to learn.

What lessons have you learnt during aedm2010 through trial and error? I know I've learnt a few and usually the hard way :-)

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  1. I've (re) learned that when I give my creative side lots of room to play, things explode...I have 5 new lines of work so far in AEDM!

  2. I like this piece very much - the sepia tones work very well. nancy

  3. I've learnt that by just letting go, you can make great art in as little as 5 minutes!
    Great collage and thanks for sharing the process. Wonderful how we can all learn from each other.
    By the way, you must tell your daughter, that according to my web stats, her picture has been viewed over 90 times!!

  4. I love your piece, I always seem to do the best when I have little time to do it.

  5. Hey! You wouldn't have learned if you didn't try, right?

    I love what you have done.

    See my check in today here.

  6. more fabulousness Kat, looking forward to seeing it finished
    m xx

  7. Just want to say that I love that collage. I showed it to the man of the house, who is musical and he is impressed too.

  8. Tammy - your comment "when I give my creative side lots of room to play, things explode..." hits the nail on the head. When you let yourself go, give yourself free reign to try & fail then you begin to learn and grow. Thanks for that.

    nanke's stuff - thank you. And thanks for visiting. Its fab to connect with new people :-)

    Lisa - I agree; letting go is the key. Over 90 hits is fab. Told Jess last night and she beamed. I think all this encouragement is great for her. Thanks.

    Sherry - thank you. Sometimes when you have little time you are encouraged to make the most of it. Thanks for visiting :-)

    Julie - exactly! Thanks :-)

    Megan - don't make me blush. Lol. Its getting there. Thank you :-)

    Christine - again more blushing. I tend to be self critical so thank you for helping my confidence. I'm glad you both liked :-)

    Kat X

  9. You know... I have never made a collage.. I should.


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