Friday, 19 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 19 - Re-designing my blog....

On day nineteen of AEDM I decided to redesign and personalise my blog using my art work from Day 13 as a focus.  I spent most of my day playing with paper, taking photos, experimenting with 'Paint' and wrestling with the joys of Blogger's design programme when using a slow broadband connection. Above is one of many ideas I had for backgrounds as I photographed interesting papers and arranged embellishments. But in the end the background that worked best was the simplest one (below) that I created on 'Paint'. So here is my new blog design. There are many amendments I'd love to make but without html experience I'm a little limited. Nevertheless I do feel this new design is more personal and better reflects my creative journey. Please take a look on a full screen view and let me know what you think.

It felt important to at least try and personalise and update my blog to reflect where I am on my creative journey. Visually changing something be it house decoration, personalising an art journal or dyeing my hair is like a celebration and positive marker of where and who I am.
Have you recently made any visual changes? If so, what did those changes mean to you?

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  1. Hey cool new header and all! I have made a small tweaks here and there to my blog lately. I did add a contact page with an email submission form and now I am redoing my portfolio section. I think it is good to periodically change things because it shows other people that you maintain the site and don't let it go stagnant.

  2. Wonderful redesign! I've made a few changes since I started too. Especially the header...I feel another change coming on as we approach the Holiday Season...probably in December.

    You did a great jib and it feels fun!

  3. Your blog is so cheerful and happy! Isn't it fun to play digitally?

  4. My biggest change in the past months has been to switch from my original blog "The Artful Codger" to a new website that incorporates my blog with my gallery & store. It's called Art By Maron but I sort of miss that ol artful!

  5. What a fun redesign, I love the brightness! Blog redesign is always fun, but sometimes blogger can be a pain in the butt. :)

  6. Carolyn - thanks, I shall go view your new changes.

    EVA - thank you :-)

    gypsy - thanks - yes it's fun to mix digital with other media. I'm just not very experienced yet :-)

    Maron - Its true that although change & moving forward is energising & necessary it can also be sad to leave good things behind.

    Missy - thank you :-) And yes blogger can be a huge pain. I used to run 15 blogger blogs for work & it was forever crashing. But on the same hand I'm grateful for its possibilities & for introducing me to blogging.

    Thanks you all, sorry I'm late in replying.
    Kat Xx

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