Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 23 - My head is a dream machine....

On Lisa Wright Stuff's blog yesterday I was introduced to the Inspiration Avenue challenge that posts a weekly theme to inspire art.  This week's theme was 'ingenuity'. (Check out Lisa's fab intepretation of the theme) This got me thinking about inventions which got me thinking about a dream machine and....well....it inspired today's Art Everyday Month contribution. (You may have to click on it to get larger size & detail - I had difficulty getting a good photo)

Art Everyday Month 2010 has helped me connect with so many inspiring projects and people. I've also been introduced to techniques and ideas that have furthered my creative journey. It's fab! Its encouraged me out of my comfort zone and helped me experiment with art.

How has aedm2010 been affecting your life and creative work? Will you be sad to see it finish? I know I will. Well we have 7 days left and I'm looking forward to seeing what or who I'll be introduced to next!

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  1. Beautiful and whimsical! I've really been seeing so many happy pieces of art for AEDM. I love art that makes me smile and inspires me. It's wonderful to be a part of so much joy.

  2. It sure has been a fab month (if a little tiring!). Glad you joined us this week on the IA challenge. I love your dream machine - only good stuff comes out I hope!!

  3. Sad to see it finish..... not really but partially that is because I misunderstood CED as AEDM and so am on Day 324ish. What has differed this month as opposed to the rest of the year is frequency of posting. I will not be sad to stop posting very day. And if I am, I can still do 1t! I prefer the weekly check-ins - easier for me in terms of posting and also easier to follow what everyone else is up to. That has been incredibly difficult this month and I gave up early and have only been "sampling" the outstanding work of the AEDM participants.

    Will I be sad when CED2010 is over? No. I will keep creating but in different ways. It has been an incredibly interesting experiment but it has served its purpose and I would rather focus on creating in different ways. I think that is because of my interpretation though.

    We all need a dream machine!!! Lovely!!

  4. So pretty, great saying too!

  5. Hi there! Thanx for playing! A Dream Machine! What a clever idea! I guess that makes it....


  6. Stacy - thank you for stopping by. AEDM is fab. :-)

    Lisa - mostly good but of course we all get the odd nightmare. Lol.

    EVA - it's great that you're so focused. I shall keep enjoying your art I'm sure :-)

    Missy - thank you X

    Judy - thanks for stopping by. Glad to be playing, having fun and dreaming :-)

    Kat X

  7. By now you are probably asleep. I'm sure the dream machine is whirling away, bringing positive dreams your way. What a wonderful first challenge on IA. A great (and ingenious) take on the theme.

  8. This is a great post for Inspiration Avenue. I am newer to IA too and find it a lot of fun to come up with a piece. I really love that there is such a variety of art included. Lots to learn from. Dream Machine is a very ingenious idea!

  9. I love dreaming...while I am sleeping and when I am awake...head in the clouds~that's me!
    I love this piece!

  10. Bluebeard & Elizabeth - thank you so much. Oh yes the dream machine is always whirring whether awake or asleep. Lol.

    Amanda - Thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment. Great to 'meet' you :-)

    priti.lisa - Ha - just what I wrote above to Amanda - like you I'm dreaming whilst awake or asleep. My mum always used to sigh and shake her head saying my head was in the clouds. I embrace that now! Thank you for your comment :-)

    Kat X


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