Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 24 - Bookmarks & Blocks...


Today I made this large bookmark. Unfortunately I struggled to get a good photo. (note: The colour is closer to the photo on the left.) It is a watercolour background, with embroidered snowflakes and corners, sewn on glass beads, acrylic ribbon yarn  and mounted on double thickness card. It is prettier in real life because the glass beads catch the light and the embroidery threads add texture. But with the aid of your imagination I'm sure you get the idea.

It has been a busy old day and because of my limited time and energy I feel I've really struggled to create today. Whilst in the oxygen tank I tried to write and doodle but just kept feeling blocked. So having done this bookmark was an achievement. Most of the time I can get myself out of a creative block but today I think the fact I was so tired and didn't have much time to rest nearly got the better of me.

How do you cope with creative blocks? Do you have any tips you can share? Usually for me a rest, outing or/and a change helps. Often a good book, film, music & other people's art help fuel my imagination. I think often we just need time to refresh and stock up on inspiration and energy.
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  1. Lovely bookmarks, Kat. I find it interesting that you can draw in the oxy tank. What about just practice emulating a font or drawing boxes within boxes, just practice stuff, no muse required.

  2. What a pretty bookmark!

    Fatigue presents a considerable hurdle and I think sometimes you just have to go along with it and rest, trusting that creativity will return with your energy. Sometimes I pick books at random from a shelf, maybe an interior decoration book, a book of paintings or some poetry or any novel, then simply dip into it. It's like taking a sip of creative juice.

    Have you ever tried meditation? I find that it can release creativity while giving you rest.

  3. I too felt that way today, I too will look at books for inspiration, today I had to just journal about what has been on my mind, didn't really like how it turned out, but it was the effort that was worth it..I too love Yoga that helps.

  4. Hi Kat, apologies that I've not been around much. I think the artist's date is brilliant for clearing a block but it sounds as though you're already doing something like that with the changes of scenery. Doing it anyway also helps; simply beginning to write/draw/knit increases the likelihood that you'll start off on an inspired tangent.

    Good luck.

  5. Oh, I love the embroidered details!! Good for you for creating, even while not feeling your best. (((hugs)))

  6. gypsy - good ideas - thank you :-)

    Christine - meditation is really good for me too. It helps creatively & with my health for sure.

    Sherry Lynn - journaling helps me daily, I'd panic if I had no journal and pen!

    Jenny - I agree - just starting to create anything with no pressure often just sets the ball rolling so to speak (cliche alert. Lol.) X

    Leah - thanks. Sending you ((hugs)) back. X

    Kat :-)

  7. Very beautiful bookmarks! :) I love the colors and the texture.
    I tend to nurture my creativity by having some time out to myself first, and keeping a balance about my life. Like you I also like walking and having that inner space to myself.
    I have noticed that when I am creating for others I seem to be in my element, though I do need my balance. It's important, not too get overwhelmed by everything.
    Much love - Ana x

  8. Thank you Ana for such a lovely comment.
    Yes it is important to find balance and calm so as not to get overwhelmed. I used to love walking. Unfortunately now I have mobility problems that mean this is no longer the case. However, I still do gain so much from being outdoors and with nature as inspiration. Thanks for visiting
    Kat :-)


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