Sunday, 28 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 28 - wonky mandala in progress....

It has been a busy but fun weekend with friends. Today I knew I had limited time to create some art. So after dinner with friends I asked them for paper (I had pens in my bag) and drew around a couple of their plates. Then whilst drinking tea and chatting I doodled this mandala. It is a little wonky and early on I was tempted to rip it up but then a pattern started to reveal itself. As you can see it isn't complete but I shall continue tomorrow and then post the finished result.

Doodling and writing is so portable. Do you feel able to create when other people are around? I would find it hard if I was working on a novel but am quite happy to draw/sew/write notes & ideas in the company of others. Nevertheless I usually like my quiet time alone with my creating and so couldn't work all the time with distractions.

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  1. I like the mandala in process. I also love the artwork for your banner above!

  2. Can't wait to see the end project..

  3. I love your mandala in progress! I've just started drawing them myself - and love them for the portability you talked about, but also because each one is so unique.

  4. Looking good so far! I can doodle in company but rarely do. Some people (like my husband) think it's rude. I tend to think of it as multitasking, (like reading Nancy Drew books in Grade 3 inside my notebook. I could always answer all the teacher's questions when she thought she'd catch me not paying attention!)

  5. Kelly - thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment :-)

    PostPals/Viks - Thank you *blush* :-)

    Sherry Lynn - the finished piece is now posted!

    cat - thanks for stopping by. Yes, I've always loved mandala art but I've only just begun to try creating my own.

    EVA - LOL, like your school story! I think it depends on the company. These were very good friends and new about me doing aedm. If it was a party or more formal I wouldn't. Although, I am known to just make quick scribbles in the notebook I carry wherever I am.

    Thanks all - the finished version of this mandala is now published on my day 29 post!

    Kat :-)


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