Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 30 - Endings, beginnings and change....

The last day of AEDM2010 has been both a reflective and a productive one. I have spent a couple of hours creating background papers for future art using pearlescent acrylics, fabric dyes and ink. Below are a few examples:

I made more than is shown here but I struggled to get a good photo with all the pearlescent and metallic paints I used. I enjoyed this creating today because it allowed me to experiment and get messy :-)

So along with the header at the top of this post - that was the productive part of my day. The reflective portion included musing on aedm2010. I'm pleased to say that I produced art 29 out of 30 days and posted 28 of the days. This is extra special to me because it shows that I've been in good enough health to do this. Hurrah! I have enjoyed.....:
  • ...connecting with lots of new inspiring creative people
  • ....trying new techniques and ideas
  • ....feeling supported by a lovely Internet community
In addition I've used this time to focus on where I am on my creative journey. This year I've worked hard trying to be present in the moment, following my intuition and allowing myself the freedom to create. I've consciously explored how being creative is linked to my health and well being.  During this month I've developed, clarified and explored these things further.

I know I recently changed the look of my blog but further changes are afoot and in the next couple of days you will see more alterations that will incorporate the look and message of the banner at the top of this post. Within the next week I'll be offering free blog buttons, adding an inspiration page to this blog and getting started on the interviews I'm planning. The interviews will introduce creative people working in a variety of ways and focus on how creativity affects their well being.

Thank you, all the people who've left me lovely comments and inspired me this month - it has meant a lot to me. And a BIG thank you to Leah for organising Art Everyday Month - my experience has been invaluable.

Wow - that sounded a bit like an Oscar acceptance speech. Lol :-)

How was Art Everyday Month 2010 for you?

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  1. Your paper is lovely! Happy last day and stay inspired and feel great! I can't wait to see the new stuff on your blog!

  2. Yay!! Congrats on a wonderful month, my dear! I'm so happy that you were feeling well enough to create so much and that you enjoyed the journey.

    Love those backgrounds!!

  3. Wow, your papers are so pretty and am happy that you have enjoyed AED :) Thank you so much for stopping by! I wish you much new revelations in December x Love - Ana

  4. Well, just gorgeous. And as ever, totally inspiring.
    It's been wonderful seeing all your beautiful creativ projects.
    Perhaps you should try Art Every Day for a Year??
    m xx

  5. Beautiful papers and beautiful changes to your blog!

    It was great meeting you during AEDM. Congrats on such a wonderful month!

  6. Missy, Leah, Megan, Ana & Anne - thank you very muchly for your lovely generous comments!

    And Megan, I guess the creative every day is self evidently meant to be done daily and I usually create daily but just don't always post. But I think it was beneficial posting more often so I'm going to try to keep that up. It makes me accept my creations whether good or bad. Lol.

    Kat :-)


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