Friday, 5 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 5 - What can I say?

What can I say about today's AEDM journal page? I promised myself I would post whatever the result. Well its colourful that's for sure. Maybe it would work in a mini version perhaps on my facebook picture. Or not. Oh well, I did also get a bit of work done on a non-fiction writing project. And I discovered a great new website The Doodle Daily who are organising a World Doodle Challenge. They are looking for contributions for their collection of doodles from around the world. No talent is needed you just need to enjoy a good doodle.

How has day 5 been for you?
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  1. I like the colors you used. Originally, I thought this was embroidery until I started reading.

  2. It may not be your cup of tea today, but I'm liking it! Makes me think of a colorful quilt that I'd like to wrap myself up in.

  3. I love your bright and colorful design! I will have to check out the doodle challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very nice, I like the colors! I heard about that doodle thing, i was thinking bout sending one in and YAY to be 33!

  5. I love the bright colors that also made me think of a colorful quilt.

    Day 5 was great for me. Even though I was at work (school) two of my students were on field trips, and two of them were absent, so I had some extra time to create. I discovered the magic of digital art, expanding and improving what I had drawn-- which I will post tommorrow.

    BTW--Do you have MS? I saw that as an interest on your profile. I was dx'd in 2001. There is a lot more to my story if you are interested.

  6. Carolyn - thank you for visiting. I wish it had been an embroidery; I'd have been happier with the result I think. Lol.

    Leah - your description of a quilt makes me feel a little better, thanks.

    Kelly - thank you. Yes, the doodle challenge is worth a look. Maybe I'll see one of your doodles there!

    Missy - thank you. I shall look forward to seeing one of your doodles in the challenge. When's your Birthday? Mine is beginning of March, so not that long until 34 but for now I'm still a fab 33! LOL :-)

    Mlissabeth - thank you. Leah, yourself and my husband have all talked about being reminded of a quilt. That actually makes me feel a little kinder towards it. I shall have to check out your digital art. And yes I have relapsing remitting MS. At times I've been quite disabled and poorly but I'm not doing too badly at the minute - touch wood. The best thing is the repeated problems with my vision has stabilised and I'm able to be creative more.

    Thanks all for your support on a day when I was not liking my results :-)
    Kat X

  7. This is lovely Kat! You should redo your blog and use this as a header! It would be perfect!

  8. Eva - I really wasn't pleased with this and was a bit embarrassed to post. But kind comments like yours make me like it a bit more. Not sure I love it enough for a header though but thanks for thinking so - you've definitely boosted my confidence.
    Kat X


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