Sunday, 7 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 7 - Mandala Doodle & what it represents to me

Yesterday I posted a bit of writing. Today I attempted a mandala doodle. I started yesterday but did the majority today. I plan to enter it into the World Doodle Challenge.

For those of you who haven't followed my blog I have had long periods where I've struggled with my vision and other things like dexterity due to relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Its not something I like to talk about on this blog because, well frankly its quite dull to me - I'd rather my focus be on creativity; so please don't think I'm about to go on about being ill all the time as I have no wish to on here. But I just wanted to share how significant doing these doodles and being involved in the online AEDM2010 challenge is to me. Apart from the deep enjoyment I experience from being creative and despite it often giving me a headache - completing one of these doodles is a little triumph that gives me a buzz because I am well enough to do it. Similarly being able to sign on to the computer and be part of the daily AEDM chatter is also much appreciated. It may help explain to you why I may suddenly temporarily disappear from the online world. It may also explain the personal experience and passion I bring to the exploration of the links between creativity and well being.

On day 7 what did you find yourself grateful for?

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  1. I love the mandala doodle and am pleased that you are able to continue being creative despite health setbacks.

    I'm not artistic and am happier with a pen than a paintbrush or pencil. However, I do like to snap photos and give consideration to colour, shape and form in the garden.

    Good wishes

  2. it is a beautiful piece in itself, but even more so reading about the challenge you had to face in order to do it! thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Kat, A beautiful mandala for a lovely Sunday! It's wonderful that you have the energy + strength + focus to create today! Small victories! It's the days when we don't have the ability to create that we must remember that there will be more good days again. ~ Tammy

  4. Kat, the mandala is fabulous! And I'm so glad the daily drawing is giving you a sense of triumph. I'm cheering you on!!

    As for what I'm grateful for. Today, I'm grateful for warm kitty snuggles, a much needed hug from my husband, and playing with paint.

  5. Well, it looks fabulous and it's very pretty, be proud. I'm grateful for my two little boys who love to watch music videoas (as do I) and we watched many together today!

  6. What a lovely design! I'm sorry to hear about your health concerns. I think that health is one of those things that we take for granted until we have issues.

  7. Wonderful mandala and inspirational story. I am so glad you are able to do these things that bring you so much enjoyment.

  8. Thank you for inspiring me today! I have one blog where my poems/writing is about my health issues, and a separate one for creativity. I attended a rededication of a WW1 war memorial which my grandfather is included in today, so I think I might do a collage of some of the pictures. It was the ceremony, I had to climb up and down about 5 steps to get to the platform to see the memorial. The first time I struggled going down the stairs. My foot would move, but wouldn't step down. The second time, my dad stood at the bottom, and I had no problem at all. Wierd!

  9. Your mandala is so beautiful and it's a doodle? I am amazed!
    I'm grateful to live in a city I love and to be connected to so many creative women through AEDM.

  10. Hearing "the rest of your story" is so inspiring.

    On Sunday I was grateful for.... the extra hour we received; sunrise; time with my children; skype; memories from Saturday's art show; affirmations received.....

    (Thank YOU for asking!)

    Read my Art Every Day Check in here.

  11. Christine - It is a learning curve for me to be drawing anything. Lol. I'm just trying to expand my daily experience of being creative. Like you I do love to take photos, am happy to always have a pen in my hand and see picture/colour arrangements in my garden.

    aimee - and thank you for visiting & commenting.

    Tammy - very true and wise words, thank you.

    Leah - all thanks to your encouragement! Yes cuddles, hugs & paint are all things to be grateful for, I agree :-)

    Missy - our children are definitely something to be grateful for, I agree.

    Kelly - thank you :-)And good to 'meet you'

    Mary - thank you very muchly X

    Mlissabeth - MS is a weird old unpredictable disease - but great that you made it to the rededication and had the support of your Dad. I shall check out your poems.

    Traveling Mermaid - it's so important to love the place you live definitely something to be grateful for. Like you AEDM is proving a wonderful experience for me too. Thanks for popping by.

    Julie - lots to be grateful for - fantastic :-)

    Thank you all for the support and lovely comments.
    Kat X


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