Monday, 8 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 8 - Another writing exercise...

mastermind * leave * laugh * insults * moment * warmed

Today I did another writing exercise using a photo I took at Golitha Falls and six words chosen randomly from "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon that I must include. (I've underlined these words) I gave myself 15 minutes and here are the unedited results:

"Okay Mastermind: what now?" Sean asked me.
I shrugged. I was stuck. I knew this tree stump, that to my eyes resembled the ruins of a fairytale castle, was the gateway but not how to open it. No amount of Sean's sarcasm or insults would help me  remember how. In fact his attitude was making it harder to think.
"You're having a laugh!" Sean said, frowning into the dimly lit distance.
I turned to look in the same direction. I couldn't see anything but the silhouettes of the trees against the misty evening sky.
"We're being tracked," he said quietly, walking over to the small fire, a few metres away, that had warmed our tinned soup earlier. He began to dampen it.
"We have to leave," I scrambled to my feet, anxiety tightening my chest. "We can't reveal the location."
Sean turned, "Maya, don't panic, we're okay for a moment, remember I can see further than sight."
But I was panicking. The people likely to be following us had already proven to be violent and willing to do anything to learn how to cross over.

I was itching to edit it but know that it is part of my learning to share something raw. It was tempting to write for longer as the characters started to form in my head. Perhaps, at some point,  I shall develop this and the results of the exercise I did on day 6.

Once again you are welcome to give this exercise a go either as a writing prompt or inspiration for your creative work. If you do, please let me know how you get on. You are welcome to use the photo but I'd be grateful if you could please link it back to me.

What did you create on day 8 of the Art Everyday Month challenge?

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  1. What a great exercise! I enjoyed reading the results!

  2. Thanks Leah - I'm glad you enjoyed - I got a lot out of doing the exercise.
    Kat X

  3. What an amazing photograph! I think that I should freeze if I gave myself 15 minutes for an exercise like this.

    There is an atmosphere of tension in the piece and I admire the way that you have caught that.

    I like Carlos Ruiz zafon, by the way.

  4. One, you write very well, I enjoyed reading it, two, what a fun exercise and three. that's a cool picture! It would make for a neat poster or framed image.

  5. Christine - thank you. The trick to not freezing up is to have no expectations and don't worry about how bad or good the end result may be. I have to admit that knowing I was going to post it on my blog did make me feel a little pressured and it took me a minute to relax into it. But then I just started to enjoy it. Please do give it a try and let me know if you have any luck.

    Missy - Thank you. I was quite taken with that delapidated tree stump. It seemed to lend itself to fantasy. I'm not convinced I've taken this photo very well but I do take loads of photos and would love to find more ways of using them in my art.

    Kat X


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