Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Art Everyday Month 2010: Day 9 - Music inspired art, craft & writing

Today I've done a mix of creative projects that were all inspired by music.

I began my day by downloading some traditional English folk sheet music to play. With a musical themed collage in mind I then started to take photos of musical objects and scan in some antique music score. To give my collage texture and interest I printed these photos onto handmade paper (a selection shown above). I now have the basic elements of my collage ready to start.

As a separate project I made a Birthday card for my Grandad (seen on the left hand side).  My Dad's Dad is Greek Cypriot and 'Bapou' means Grandad. He has been a classical and folk musician all his life and therefore the musical theme seemed appropriate. For the backing paper I copied some manuscript, used a tearing technique and then mounted on black card. I used peel-offs for the lettering which I matted and layered on matt black and silver metallic card. A very very simple card but one that I think turned out quite well.

Tomorrow I shall continue making the collage which I intend to build on canvas.

I'm passionate about music and its theme repeatedly occurs in my creative work. Its often surfaced in the characters I write as well as in craft, gifts and art.
  • Do any recurring themes appear in your creative work?

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  1. That's interesting about the term Bapou that you mentioned. I've never heard "Bapou" only "Papou" or "Papouli" for grandfather. But then again, my family was from Northern Greece.

  2. Kat, The new JUST DO ART badge looks cool, it's the first I've seen on another blog! The idea of celebrating your love of music via art journaling, card making, collage, very cool!

  3. Carolyn - Bapou is the English spelling because the greek 'P' makes the phonic sound 'b'- so I think it is the same. Maybe I should spell with a P. I grew up with one English and one Greek parent & family so I'm not sure if we ended up merging the language ourselves. Interesting that we should have some Greek in common :-)) Out of interest I call my aunts 'Thee-a' (but usually spell it Thea in cards. Uncles 'Thee-o' but spell Theo - but I'm pretty sure these are wrong. My Grandma I always called 'Yaya' and spelt it like this too - but again I'm not sure if it was a merge of English & Greek??? If you have any more ideas please let me know. Thanks :-)

    Tammy - the badge does look cool - Thank you very much for letting me use it :-)

    Kat X


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